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Date Signed Up:2019-05-16
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Description:Revolution317 by Azculls; An up and coming runescape private server. Great community and super active owner.

Come join us today and enjoy the great benefits of being a member of our community, including but not limited to;

Fully working PC & other minigames!
World bosses featuring our very own Infinity Beast!
Custom Bosses including Skotizo and Heartwrenchers!
Custom Raids
Custom items
Custom Pets that also increase drop rate!
Upgradable gear and other items INCLUDING donor scrolls!
Weekly updates
Super active and friendly owner and staff
All working skills (dungeoneering in process!)
Custom ranks with bonuses for different ranks (can get up to uber without even donating!)
Come join us today and enjoy the minimum weekly updates! 10+ online daily and we've barely started!

We are looking forward to seeing you soon! Your newest adventure awaits!

Feel free to join us on our Discord server!


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