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Date Signed Up:2019-02-19
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Description:Welcome my friends to atrix-evolved, first of all thank you for your interest in our server. We hope you enjoy your time with us as we strive to become the best rsps known to man. We have a very fulfiling future ahead of us, with maxium fun in mind! We are a small team, but we have big dreams. To start of we will have many custom items for you to drool over as you grind for all the best gear, which of course every item will be obtainable from npc's. this isnt gonna be one of those servers you've played before where we want you to donate. if you want to donate we will have options avaible for you to do so, but we encourage you just grind them out. whats the fun if you start with all the best gear am i right? not a pvmer eh? well why dont you come have some fun pking, and make your loot the brutal way. if you have any questions or concerns we have very active staff, who will be more then happy to assist you with what ever you may have in store for them. we hope you enjoy your stay with us on Atrix-Evolved! hope to see you soon my friends.


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