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Date Signed Up:2019-01-21
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Description:Join and play the most fun Runescape Private Server Ever!

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----------------------------------FEATURES OF SIKIKSCAPE V2-----------------------------

[*]Theatre of Blood items!
[*]Revenants with ALL pvp set drops
[*]Active developers and updates
[*]Quick-access shops(Shops On-The-Go) tab
[*]Bonfires(RS3 like firemaking!)
[*]??+ Custom Skin colors!
[*]Upgrade-able armor (Bandos (i), Armadyl (i), Barrows sets (i) + More!)
[*]Multiple highscores!(Normal player, Extreme player, Classic player, Ironman, Ultimate ironman & Hardcore ironman each have their own highscores chart!
[*]THREE Experience rates to choose from:
[*]Normal: 150x Exp rates, no drop rate increase.
[*]Extreme: 15x Exp rates, 5% Drop rate increase, A title dictating how EXTREME you are!
[*]Classic: 5x EXP rates, 10% Drop rate increase, A "Classic" title!
[*]We've reworked the whole economy on Valius so that players Feel a sense of accomplishment when receiving loots
[*]Double Experience Weekends
[*]Multiple highscores!(Normal player, Extreme player, Ironman & Ultimate ironman each have their own highscores chart!)
[*]NEW: Extreme ironman, Classic ironman, Extreme ult ironman & Classic ult ironman highscores!
[*]NEW: Hardcore ironman, Extreme hardcore ironman, Classic hardcore ironman
[*]A Unique and creative, one of a kind touch on content and areas
[*]Dragon Flail
[*]Beautiful home area
[*]Server Support rank(for the most helpful and informative players) with Custom sprite
[*]Friendly, active Development team and staff
[*]Raid items
[*]loads of recolored rares
[*]100+ Pets to aquire (Boss pets, Skill pets, Slayer pets, Cluescroll pets)
[*]Bloodmoney with rewarding shops
[*]Random reward drops while skilling(caskets, clues, pets, nests, Blood money, Exp bonus outfits and more!)
[*]Skilling sets with bonus exp
[*]All skills working including Hunter!
[*]Redwood woodcutting!
[*]Get rich while skilling
[*]Slayer helmets (i) fully creatable with dmg boosts & exp bonuses
[*]Boss tasks
[*]Battle-OS interfaces
[*]Ironman & Ultimate Ironman game modes
[*]Custom Lava items(Lava spirit shield, boots, rares) with moving textures
[*]Vesta pvp armor, Statius pvp armor & Divine spirit shield!
[*]Korasi long sword with a working special attack
[*]All max capes!(including Ardougne + Lava firecape with moving textures!)
[*]Tons and Tons of outfits to aquire and choose from(Both skiller, PVM and PVP Friendly)
[*]Get your FashionScape on!!!
[*]Hundreds of Monsters to train on
[*]100% Working Clan chat


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