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Site Name:OutlawRSPS - Revs | Vork | Raids | Inferno
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Site URL:https://www.outlawrsps.me/
Date Signed Up:2019-01-07
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Description:OutlawRSPS is a new RSPS with a small dedicated community but looking to grow. Frequent updates and player driven. Raids, inferno, wilderness slayer, wilderness keys, PK shop (the pk points can also be obtained from wilderness bosses), daily loyalty boxes. These are just a few things to look forward to. There are also tweaks to basic gameplay like smelting steel-runite only takes 1 coal! The owner is beyond dedicated to this project and will help if you encounter any issues. As a new server there are a few bugs being found but fixed almost immediately.

To play all you need to do is visit the website and click the download tab. Once you have the launcher open and the client loaded just enter any username you want that isn't taken and a password and you are set.


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