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Site URL:http://xerxes-rsps.com/
Date Signed Up:2019-01-05
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Description:Xerxes is an economy based Old-School private server currently loading #171 OSRS data.

We are trying to create the best player experience by giving the players a mix of pre-eoc and osrs! there so much more content planned.

We also a unique voting system that allows you to Vote2Donator!


Custom content exclusive to Xerxes! (Justicairs Longsword)

Events every 2-4 hours!

OSRS and RS3 Content!

Revenants with ALL Pvp Set drops!

Unique starter kit: Upgradable items with experience bonuses to skills!

Gambling(Dice Bag + Flower poker)

Hardcore Ironman!

Crystal monsters that drop PVP sets (Statius & Vesta)

Easy-access to most shops!

Tons of Bosses and Monsters to fight + Boss Tasks!

Fishing area

Shopping area (You can also access shops in the shops tab anywhere!)

Experience boost to Hunter

Damage boost + 5% experience boost to Slayer

Starting Achievements message

Mounted max capes

Slayer helmet (i) creation

Rolling a Percentile dice(GAMBLING)

Experience boosting items chat available with the starter kit

[SPOILER=pictures of Items] Santa outfit + Gift box + Sack of presents

Ancestrial robes

Elder maul

Abyssal Bluggeon

Ardougne max cape

New Fire maxcape

Corrupt armor

Crate of cats(Comes with every starter!)

Divine spirit shield (Dropped by the Corperal beast!)

Pyromancer (Randomly receive while Firemaking)

Angler outfit (Randomly received while Fishing)

Heavy ballista (Pieces dropped by Demonic gorillas)

Lava spirit shield (Buy it from the Blood money shopkeeper)

Monk robes (g)

Recolored COSMETICS (Lava phat, mask and santa has moving textures!)

Samurai outfit

Shayzien 5 teirs(Smithing required + Lovakite mining)

Vesta armor (Dropped by Crystal monsters + rare Crystal chest rewards!)

Statius armor (Dropped by Crystal monsters + rare Crystal chest rewards!)

New team cape (buffed stats, they are the same as Obby cape)

Twisted bow

Twisted buckler

Zamorak godsword (or)

Saradomin godsword (or)

Bandos godsword (or)

Dragon thrown axes (Dropped by Demonic gorillas!)

Kudai wand

Korasi longsword with working special attack!)

Ultimate ironman armor


[SPOILER=pictures of Shops]Achievements shop

Blood money shop

Boss points shop

Slayer points shop

Graceful shop

Prestige points shop

Impling points shop




More gifs coming soon!(Thread below)



    Crazy Archaeologist
    Chaos Fanatic

    Lizardman Shaman
    Thermonuclear Smoke Devil

    Corporeal Beast
    CHaos Elemental
    Gelatinnoth Mother

    Sea Troll Queen
    King Black Dragon
    Dagganoth Kings
    Giant Mole

    Demonic Gorillas

    Ancient Warriors

    Kalphite Queen

    Members Bosses


30+ Bosses, all with Pets!


One of a kind home area!

171 data

Theatre of Blood items!


Revenants with ALL pvp set drops

Active developers and updates

Quick-access shops(Shops On-The-Go) tab

Bonfires(RS3 like firemaking!)

??+ Custom Skin colors!

Upgrade-able armor (Bandos (i), Armadyl (i), Barrows sets (i) + Mo


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