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Site Name:Quarry PS - #173 OSRS | Chambers of Xeric
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Site URL:http://quarryps.com
Date Signed Up:2018-12-26
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Description:Quarry PS is an economy-driven OSRS Server. When we add content to Quarry PS, we try our best to emulate the experience from OSRS. With content such as Chambers of Xeric, we work closely with real OSRS players who help us achieve the best results possible!

However, this does not mean that we stray away from delivering a unique experience.

Come join us today to experience it yourself!

Noteable Features:

Chambers of Xeric
Revenent Cave
20+ Bosses
150+ Achievements
Max Cape w/ Particles
Fully adjustable ient
Unique home area
Preset system
Bossing & Skilling points system
Hourly event system

So much more!


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