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Description:Do you miss the days playing Ragnarok Online with your friends ? RO is now back guys. It is now the time to play Ragnarok Online with your friends again.
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You could also play the Doram or cat-human race as a summoner with the power of cuteness and magic that could blow up your enemies with ease.
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MilkyRO also offers 3rd Class job advancement, Kagerou/Oboro and Rebellion that surely will make you and your friends excited to play.
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To ensure the balance of WoE and PvP, MilkyRO disables the quests to create any God Items, do only minor fixes to items, and sell items that would only improve your gaming experience so that you don't have to farm too hard.
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Renewal System also gives a new breath to the game that allows the game to be played with the latest MMO Titles. MilkyRO is a Mid Rate server with 300x/300x/15x⁽²⁾. The client is also equipped with new user interface and features that would enhance your experience to reminisce your past experience playing Ragnarok Online.
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Visit our website now at for more information. Don't forget to #tag your friends so they can join the fun too.

⁽¹⁾ Due to technical difficulties we were only able to do a partial implementation of Episode 16.2
⁽²⁾ Adjusted drop rates for certain items (e.g gold)


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