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Date Signed Up:2015-11-23
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Description:Are you looking for the next top RSPS? Look no further as you have found your new home. Our server consists of some of the most up to date and fun content available. We have all OSRS bosses including Cerberus. Our unique Teleport Interface allows you to travel the RSPS world with 100 + teleports. Every skill is trainable for a fluent and bug free skilling experience. All the new items such as Drygores, vanguard, trickster as well as OSRS items such as Trident, Tentacle, and Toxic staff. Every item is made obtainable by PvM so you are not forced to donate for it like on other servers. If you think you have found your new RSPS home. Join us now and you will be rewarded with a free chaotic weapon of your choice. This is given to you so you are able to jump in to the game quicker by training, pking, and bossing. The item is made untradable so it does not effect our economy. This is for a limited time only! CelestialPS - Innovation at its finest


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