Shiroe Makabe

Shiroe Makabe

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In 2006, a new mom seeking to kill time while at home taking care of her infant logged into her first MMO, and Shiroe Makabe was born.

Starting out as a champion on a private Ragnarok Online server, Shiroe participated in both player versus environment and player versus player encounters. To this day, she fights the War of Emperium on her RO server, Animus, with the guild Eternal Moon.

However, with the addition of new games to Shiroe’s repertoire, both Eternal Moon and Shiroe branched out to enjoy high level characters on both World of Warcraft retail (as a holy priest named Shiroee) and Lord of the Rings Online retail (where Shiroe masquerades as Sindarann, a hobbit warden). She has also played Fallen Earth, Dungeons & Dragons Online, Ragnarok Online 2, and a variety of console games that go back as far as the Atari 2600 (although Shiroe had an Intellivision).

Her favorite types of games include MMOs, first person shooters, racing games, versus fighting games, and first person role playing games.

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