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Top Funny Movies of 2011

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-05-15
There was a lot to laugh at in 2011, let's take a look at what the top 10 comedies of 2011 were. There were all kinds of things from hangovers to bad bosses, and even some aliens. It was a great year. The most anticipated comedy was probably the Hangover 2, you will find out if it was the best or not!

10No Strings Attached

Obviously not easy to keeps things only physical when you have to do that with Natalie Portman or Ashton Kutcher. View more details on IMDB

9 Rango

Mixing up the wild west, chameleons and Johnny Depp (you can also find him in richest actors 2011) gives you a great animated movie with plenty of laughs. View more details on IMDB

8 Bridesmaids

Also featured in our top 10 romantic films article. Don't try and compete with Bridesmaids is what is to be learnt from this! View more details on IMDB


Great comedy mixed in with the supernatural, as two comic books travel around the U.S. and encounter an alien near Area 51. View more details on IMDB

6Bad Teacher

Go back to school in 2011 and experience one of the worst teachers ever, played by Cameron Diaz (find her in richest actresses article too) except when she finds out she needs to become a good teacher to win over a rich guy. Everyone ends up with who they deserve in the end, pretty funny :) View more details on IMDB

5 The change up

Halfway through the top 10, if you have a drunk night and urinate in the wrong fountain, you end up switching lives with your buddy! View more details on IMDB

4 The Dilemma

Does the truth set you free? Should you tell your friend if you know they are being lied to? Doesn't sound like a comedy but it is, and has some great laughs. View more details on IMDB

3 Hangover part 2

Probably the most anticipated comedy of the year, it delivers what is expected of a funny movie, very similar story with similar jokes, but makes you laugh all the same. View more details on IMDB

2 Submarine

Great comedy about a 15 year old who wants to lose his virginity, and also change his mother's relationship. View more details on IMDB

1 Horrible bosses

What do you do when you hate your job and your boss? Well you can plot to kill them, and then watch as everything goes wrong, but all ends up ok, very funny :) Featuring 6 great actors including Jennifer Aniston who is also one of the richest actresses)Best funny movie of 2011! View more details on IMDB

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