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Top 10 Hot Olympic Women

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-08-15
Along with fantastic athletes, the London 2012 Summer Games have brought us some fabulous looking women in various sporting categories. These exotic ladies hail from all over the world and are athletes every one – but still nice to look at. Here are ten of the most attractive.

10 Fabiana Murer, Brazil, Pole vaulting

Item 10

This holder of the South American record for the pole vault is also the world’s fourth-highest jumper. Alas, this one has a husband, Élson Miranda de Souza, a former vaulter himself, who is her trainer. More info

9 Jaqueline Carvalho, Brazil, Volleyball

Item 9

This captain of the Brazilian volleyball team has led the team to numerous awards, including a gold medal at the 2012 Summer Games. More info

8 Hope Solo, United States, Soccer

Item 8

This goal-keeper for the United States soccer team and the Seattle Sounders professional soccer team learned how to play soccer from her father, who passed away suddenly in 2007. Twitter Page

7 Leryn Franco, Paraguay, Javelin

Item 7

Gorgeous and agile, Franco is also a model and actress in her home nation of Paraguay. She has her own swimsuit calendar and has appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. More info

6 Francesca Piccinini, Italy, Volleyball

Item 6

This beauty has represented Italy four times in the Summer Olympics, from 2000 to present. Interestingly enough, she’s also an anime babe – she was inspired to become a volleyball player by the classic “Attack No. 1.” More info

5 Carmelita Jeter, United States, Track and Field

Item 5

Hailed “the world’s fastest woman,” Jeter holds records and just won medals in the 100m and 200m sprints. She also holds the world record for 100m sprint. But it’s that body that put her on this list, as well as that bright smile. More info

4 Christina Vukicevic, Norway, Track and field (hurdles)

Item 4

With this Norwegian track star, it’s all in the face. Her running makes her the favorite for the 100m hurdles in London, and she was in Beijing in 2008 where she came in fourth. But just look at that innocent expression and those bright eyes. More info

3 Jen Kessy, United States, Beach volleyball

Item 3

This blonde bombshell and her partner April Ross just won silver in the beach volleyball tournament in the Olympics. More info

2 Lauren Sesselmann, Canada, Soccer

Item 2

This beauty was actually born in Wisconsin to a Canadian father, which is why she’s on the Canadian team. Check out those eyes! As you can see from her Twitter page, she knows she’s got what it takes because she’s a model and an actress too. Go Lauren! Twitter Page

1 Ana Ivanovic, Serbia, Tennis

Item 1

This sexy Serbian is also a world-renowned tennis player as well as a university student of Spanish and finance. Brainy, beautiful, and athletic, she tops our list because omg, ha-cha-cha! More info

We hope you enjoyed our tour through some of the most beautiful athletes the world has to offer. Did we miss anyone? Comment below!

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