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Top 5 Video Game Ladies

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-04-09
Ever since Ms. Pacman burst on the scene, women have taken a more proactive role in video games, and more of them have appeared for our gaming pleasure. Some of these ladies are as beautiful as they are deadly, and there are so many of these femme fatales to choose from. A few honorable mentions are deserved here - everyone’s favorite, Lara Croft; Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers; and the entire cast of any Final Fantasy game to name a few - and it was hard coming up with a comprehensive Top Five list because there are just so many well-drawn characters that have cropped up as our games have become more sophisticated.

Here, however, I present you with a carefully deliberated Top Five that I discussed with a great and very excited panel of male gamers. Whether you agree or disagree with our picks, you can’t deny that these five ladies are definitely hot!


5 Yuna (Final Fanstasy X, Final Fantasy X-2)

One minute she’s an adorable Japanese housewife icon, and the next she’s a cowgirl dual-wielding pistols Lara Croft-style. The girlfriend of Tidus is primarily a healer, though, whose destiny it is to fight - and die to - the Final Aeon. As if calmly walking into death isn’t hot enough, she instead survives and goes on to become a sphere-hunter in X-2. Forget getting her love, though, as she is devoted entirely to seeking out her lost Tidus.


4 Mileena/Kitana/Jade (Mortal Kombat franchise)

These three count as one because they’re triplets for triple the hotness. Mileena and Kitana are the twin daughters of Queen Sindel of Edenia, which was taken over by the evil Shao Khan. Both sisters started out as his personal assassins, but when Kitana discovers her past she turns against him. Mileena, meanwhile, stays with him, spawning a rivalry between the two sisters. Jade, the third in the trio, is not actually a third sister, but deserved to be mentioned here because her artwork is the same as the other two, so she looks identical. In a way, Jade is also the most exotic of the three, because she was first introduced as a secret character that had to be unlocked in MK2. But between sexy skin-tight outfits and just basic ass-kickery, all three deserved a spot on this list.


3 KOS-MOS (Xenosaga)

What makes a cyborg so sexy she appears on this list? Very simple - KOS-MOS is a cyborg with compassion. Built by Shion Uzuki’s use of nanotechnology, she is the ultimate war machine, being able to transform her arms into various weapons ranging from swords to grenade launchers and everything in between. Her stances are sexy. Her appearance is sexy. But to this writer, the sexiest thing about her is, intertwined with all that bad-assness, is a heart.


2 Sheva Alomar (Resident Evil 5)

We picked Sheva for this list because while she does have the badass beauty ambiance, Sheva is also less action, more story. Her parents died when she was very young; as she gets older she learns that their death was actually caused by the Umbrella Corporation, prompting her to seek revenge against them. Eventually she goes on to work for the BSAA, an anti-bioterror branch of government covert ops. So what makes all this sexy? Two words: big guns. (You decide which ones I mean.)


1 Mai Shiranui (Fatal Fury, King of Fighters)

This ninjitsu-trained granddaughter of the Shiranui school of fighting (Shiranui means “will-o-the-wisp”) is beautiful kick-assery, oozing sex appeal in the same innocent and playful way as Alyson Hannigan in American Pie. I mean, when she fights, she wiggles her butt at the audience to do one of her moves. She wears her almost-outfit very well. But on top of that, her fan-fighting and fire manipulation make her colorful and full of life. And the bouncing.... oh the bouncing! Mai tops this list at number one because she’s gorgeous, sexy, strong, and has had staying power, appearing in several games besides the ones she was created for. This Queen of Fighters is the Queen of our Top Five list as well.

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