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Why PvP is More Fun

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-06-09
Kurishjadar has emerged as a leader for the Alliance on the Deathwing server of World of Warcraft in various battlegrounds and Tol Barad.  His warrior is well-known among Alliance PvPers, and he can always be counted on to be there and at the head of the charge.  His tips and strategies make PvP a winning experience.  He took some time between battlegrounds to sit down with me and answer a few questions.

What got you into PvP?

I got bored with pve.  I feel alive when PvP is going on because it's more challenging and stimulating.

What was it that bored you?

PvE is the same thing over and over.  Bosses will be the same the next week and the week after.  Once you learn it, it doesn't change and you should always kill it easily. Plus, the boss isn't a real person, they can't.... change their strategy.

So what drew you to PvP?

Pvp is ever changing.  There’s a great quote about war, "no battle plan ever survives the first shot."  You have to react to what the other team is doing as well as try to do what your team needs.

You’ve proven to be one of the Alliance’s go-to guys when it comes to leading Tol Barad.  What does it take to lead something like that?

The challenge, especially for leaders, is getting the team to work together.  When we work together we do well.  Also it helps to have clear strategies for ressers (that is, people who die on the field and are waiting to resurrect).  It’s a big advantage if they don't have to sit there for 10-20 seconds to find out what to do.  It's the difference between keeping a base or taking one, and losing a base.

Well, I know what I’ve seen, and you’re a great leader in battlegrounds.  Where do you get your inspiration?

I don’t insult or yell.  I lead by example.  I’m ALWAYS on their healers, or protecting our own.  I’ve also developed a few strategies for Tol Barad that have helped us greatly, but I’d rather not share them and let the horde in on it!  (chuckles)  Also, I may be "raid leader" on the field, but I have a few guys I depend on that work with me on strategy and co-leading.  I really couldn't do it without the backing of a good team and other leaders working with me.  Everyone does their job.  All the leader really does is focuses all that energy by calling out strategies.  It's definitely not just me, but others as well, and they deserve credit for their work.

Is there anything you don’t like about PvP?

The one drawback to PVP is when Blizzard allowed people to make both factions on the same server.  That was the worst thing Blizzard ever did for PvP.  You want to play both sides? Fine, roll a horde toon on a different server, I've no problem with that.  

Which do you prefer, arena or battlegrounds?

With the right buffs, battlegrounds, especially the bigger ones, are just more fun. TB is a server thing that says "the horde will not take TB;" we will defend and deny them their BH runs! (chuckles)

In arena it's a short burst, the fight's over in 2 minutes.  In a large battleground I am trying to pick off the heals, always focusing on them when I see them, and then picking off the guys with low health so I can take them out of the fights.  I rarely attack somebody at full health.  My strategy is take the guy who's weak but still fighting out of the fight and you can free up another man to go gank somebody else.  Plus, large battlegrounds need more strategy and better leaders.

Well, that was my last question, what’s next for you?

Time to join my friends on a battleground and kill some horde!

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