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Top 5 Tips to Surviving Call of Duty

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-05-31
When it came to discussing Call of Duty, I turned to AVMiller08, who is a huge fan of the game and has been playing for quite some time. I asked her for some tips on how to survive the game, and in our chat, these are the first things that came up off the top of her head.

5.  Keep Moving!

A stationary target is easy to hit.  This is simple common sense.  Therefore, moving around makes you more difficult to hit or pursue.  Stay moving, and stay on your toes.  Be ready to get out of the way when grenades and other burst damage attacks come at you.  But the best way to avoid even those is to keep moving, keep moving, keep moving.  

4.  Be Quicker Than the Other Guy

  This doesn't necessarily mean moving faster than the other guy.  Sometimes just spotting him first is beneficial to survival.  To those ends, there is a boost in the controls that makes the camera super-fast.  It takes some getting used to but youfll spot others who donft use the option.  There are also speed boosts and other ways to evade an enemy.  All of them involve thinking on your feet.  You need to think fast to react quickly in any given gaming situation, but the intense action of Call of Duty makes this even more important.  You need to think reflexively, and be able to perform actions automatically.  

3.  Manage Your Assets Wisely

  If you keep your assets managed and organized, you can easily prevail.  For example, if you get a spy plane (a reward for three kills in a row) and there's one already up, then save yours until the other runs out so you don't waste yours.??Or if you get a care package (a random reward for kills), be careful when calling for it and be smart with the timing and the placement.  You don't want to die before you can get that reward.??Be smart with your perks and extra gear (grenades, flash grenades, claymores, etc.).??Finally, watch your time, and if you still have a spy plane available, or a care package you need to call at the last second, use it for those extra points at the end.  

4.  Don't Get Tunnel-vision

  Pay attention to everything on the map.  If you zone in on one part of the map, or one dot (another player) you'll lose track of other things happening aorund you, and will surely be killed.  This is called tunnel-vision, and it happens in so many games that I have an article forthcoming discussing only that.  In Call of Duty, enemies are all around you, and you need to keep as much of an eye out for them as for your comrades.  You may have killed the one you can see but that doesnft mean there arenft three more hiding right in plain sight.  

5.  Watch Out for Spy Planes

  This is the best piece of advice out there.  Players get killed all the time because they get spotted by those damn spy planes.  It's all about paying attention.  A spy plane can see enemy troops on the ground for a certain amount of time, allowing the enemy team to swoop in on you for wholesale slaughter.  Sure, there's a perk that makes it impossible for the plane to see an individual, but you can't depend on that when you've got friendlies near you that might draw fire.  If one of them isnft aware of the plane, you're still sunk.  

First Person Frenzy

  Call of Duty is a fun team game that brings together some of the best qualities of first person shooters.  It is action-packed and a lot can be going on around you at any given time.  But these five tips that AV was nice enough to share should be enough to keep even the noobiest beginner alive, if they pay attention and keep an eye on their environment.

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