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Top 5 Tips for Healers

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-05-30
Healing is like a puzzle. It's a challenge to keep the party alive long enough to overcome the situation before you, whether it's monsters or other players. The party depends on you to keep from wiping and you need to be on your toes for it. Here are some things healers should always remember when in action in any situation.These tips apply to almost every game out there.

5 Keep Everyone Topped Off

Everyone should always be at full health if you can handle it. Whether you use AoE heals or direct ones, always keep the party fully green. If you have heals-over-time, these are very useful for accomplishing this. Keep up everything you can, so your heals are already active when they party does start to take damage. Better you be in mid-heal while people are getting hit than not healing at all till after.

4 Use Your AoEs

Area of Effect heals are pure mana-savers. This is because rather than healing just one target, you are healing multiple targets at a time. Most AoE heals also have heals-over-time (or HoTs), which is even more of a mana-saver as it keeps the rest of the party healed while you concentrate on the guy who's taking the most damage (that guy should be the tank). AoEs are in your spell list for a damn good reason. In fact, the majority of your healing should be AoE healing. Practice it on single-targets, just to keep yourself brushed up on it. AoE healing is like driving stick-shift - if you can do it you can heal anything.

3 Manage Your Mana

One very important aspect of healing is knowing how to use your mana. A healer with no mana is worth about as much as a vanity pet. All they can do is stand there, watch the fight, and watch everyone die. Some monsters render this a necessity by eating your mana. So overall, saving your mana is a good thing, but not at the expense of healing. The object, and what makes healing similar to a puzzle, is to keep the party or raid group healed while still maintaining your mana pool. AoE heals and HoT heals are excellent for this, as they save you mana that would have gone into single-target heals. Another thing that helps a lot with this is protection spells.

2 Protection Saves Healing

If you can prevent a target from being hit at all, that's even better than healing. Many healer classes have shields and protection buffs that prevent damage. There's an old saying that an ounce of prevention goes a long way, and this is never more true than in healing. Protection spells also usually cost less mana, which saves you mana in the long run. Keeping your party, especially your tank, from taking damage is easily as important as actually healing them, if not more so.

1 Just Heal

Some healers will complain that doing all of these things wastes mana that they could otherwise be using to heal. They wait till a target is damaged before they begin to heal, don't pop their AoEs, especially those with long cool-downs, and reserve the majority of their healing and protection for the tank. You can't be afraid to use your mana to overheal. All overhealing is is proof you're keeping everyone at full health. Don't be afraid of it, and just heal.

Critical Role

Healers are one of the most important classes in a party or raid, and they're important to have on the battleground too. Without a good healer, a whole encounter can wipe. So it's important to be a good healer, and good healing involves following the tips I just gave you. Sure, there's plenty of other things a healer can do, and if you want to share something about your technique, feel free to leave a comment! But these are the top five things a healer NEEDS to do for the party if the party is going to succeed.

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