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Ms. Makabe’s Top 5 Looting Manners

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-05-29
Bad looting can result in some serious drama in a party. When one or more of the party members is a “ninja,” or someone who constantly steals loot, it can disrupt an entire encounter. In one instance I was present for, it even resulted in broken friendships and guild ties, and I’m sure there are some of you who’ve also had that happen. Granted, a ninja is just a very immature person, but if you’re mature enough to follow these basic looting rules, everyone will benefit.

Only Need It If You NEED It

In some games you have the option of rolling for certain types of drops. Other games also give you the option to “need,” indicating that your character has a definite use for an item. All the time, people use this option just to get loot that’s worth good money. It’s even worse when the item is simply some kind of treasure that has no other use than making money. Rare items are the most drama-causing items in any game because of the fact that everyone wants them. There are plenty of ways to treat the obtaining of a rare drop fairly, and following this particular rule is one of them. If you don’t have a desperate use for it, don’t roll as if you do, or don’t roll at all.

Let Less-Geared Players Upgrade

Related to that rule is allowing people who actually do need the gear to have it if your gear is better than theirs. This isn’t something you necessarily have to do in a group of strangers unless you’re a really nice person, but if you party with a regular group it’s only natural that you should do this to strengthen the group. In a pick-up group, if another player really wants to negotiate with you for an item, be fair. Don’t overcharge them, or arrange a trade.

Don’t Steal Loot From Others

Some games have all loot free for all, and you get jerks that go around picking up loot from other players. This is outright stealing. On some servers it is even a reportable offense that will garner some sort of punishment. It goes without saying that stealing is something you should never do.

Don’t Ninja Valuable Loot

Ninja’ing is also stealing, but it’s especially heinous when a valuable or rare drop comes up. I was privy to a situation once in RO where a rare MVP card dropped (.03% drop rate, and that’s on my server, which is x3 drops). Of the five party members, four of them were willing to sell it and split the money, but the fifth grabbed it and it took some very fancy persuasion to get him to give it back. Although they participated as a team, he felt entitled to it because he helped kill the monster and needed one. Obviously he was very clearly in the wrong, but the hurt feelings over that situation still echo to this day.

You Keep What You Kill

In some games, players can pick up loot even if they weren’t the one that killed the creature that dropped it. This is fine in certain scenarios but even if you are able to do this, follow this rule – you keep what you kill and so do your fellow players. Make sure they get their loot (which you shouldn’t really be picking up unless they say it’s okay or are partied with you anyway) unless they tell you otherwise. Don’t be afraid to ask a guy standing in the middle of a huge pile of loot it it’s okay to have some, but also don’t expect him to say yes, and always assume the loot is his first.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

If you are inclined to be a ninja, that’s just immature and reveals flaws in your personality that go deeper than video games. However, put yourself in the position of someone who has had things ninja’d out from under them. Imagine how pissed off you’d be to have some of the things in this writing happen to you. A basic rule of thumb that any of my manners articles should at this point illustrate is, if you don’t want it done to you, don’t do it to someone else!

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