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Top 6 Annoying Naming Trends in MMORPGs

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-05-24
We've all seen them - names that drive us nuts for one reason or another. Some names are just ridiculously stupid but some names have specific things about them that annoy. Some people use their names to troll others, and here are a few examples of names that do just that, at least for me.

1 Sexual Names

I'm no prude, but some names are graphically sexual in nature and on private or unmoderated servers this goes unchecked. While it’s clever to name a Tauren or Draenei in World of Warcraft “Mesohorny,” I’ve seen names that are so explicit that they cannot be reproduced in this article. This ties into something I will discuss in a moment, purposely disgusting names, as a lot of people who use sexually graphic names go for the gross-out, but I’m sure you other MMOers out there know exactly what I’m talking about and have seen names like the one I’m describing. The good news is, most retail servers have a reporting option, so chances are someone (maybe you) has reported the name anyway.

2 Show/Anime/Book/Movie of the Day

If I see one more “Bella Swan,” I am seriously going to puke. Not that I was ever a fan of Twilight anyway, but many people will take the name of a character from a popular media source and name their character after this. Unfortunately this gets done by so many people that you often can have a party with three guys all named “Inuyasha.” Sometimes a name from a book or movie can be interesting, such as a warrior named “D’Artagnan” or a priest named “Friar Tuck,” but most of the time you have fifty different characters running around with variations of the same name so that they can be named after whatever’s hot today. And “Darth” anything is just sad.

3 Purposely Gross Names

Some people just name themselves things that are designed for the gross-out. Yet another form of trolling, these people will name themselves after bodily functions or parts just to get a reaction from other players. Unlike the sexually graphic names, however, these names are not usually reportable. In fact, most of them do not fit within the rules of any game I’ve ever seen. So you wind up with guys with names like “Ipoopedmypants” in your raid, and you have to look at it and think about it until they go away, and often long after.

4 "1337" Names (That's "leet" to the Rest of Us)

Leet names are all about snobbery. Someone with a leet name expects that only other leet gamers will understand it. “Leetspeak” is a computer geek and hacker language created so that they could all recognize each other. As such, only people who understand leetspeak can understand leet names, and that’s what the namers want. To the rest of us, it just looks like a bunch of garbage. Sure, there’s something to putting a 4 instead of an A if your name is already taken and you can’t vary it any other way, but when a gamer does it on purpose so you can’t understand their name unless you’re a part of the leet clique, it is pure elitism, and not of the gaming kind.

5 Anything with "Death" in It

…. Because it’s what everyone else is doing, especially if your class is a heavy-hitting burst damage or tanking class. People who put “death” in their names are doing so out of a pure lack of creativity most of the time. The rest of the time it’s a form of show-boating. By claiming that you’re “death-“ anything, you’re attempting to state that you’re better than everyone else at killing things. It’s bad enough to brag in main chat, but when your entire name is nothing but a boast, it’s even worse.

6 Completely Uncreative Names

Not everyone can be creative, and that’s okay. But some people just have no talent for naming themselves, and come up with names such as the above, or names with phony aristocratic titles, or any number of naming trends we’ve seen in our games. A name is a very personal thing and is like a decoration that shows something about yourself. Uniqueness and individuality should be emphasized here, not what grabs the most attention, who else is a fan or member of the clique, or what’s popular today. Your name is you. Own it, make it truly yours.

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