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Top 10 MMO Cinematic Trailers

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2013-06-01
Cinematic trailers are very important features of both offline and MMO games. They can show important story elements and possibly present some of the classes in MMORPGs. The ones I picked are my personal favorites. Please take your time and watch them all, they deserve it.

10 DC Universe Online: Who Do You Trust

Item 10

This is one of the most popular cinematic trailers of DC Universe Online. The game is an action MMORPG where players create their own superheroes or villains and progress through PvE and PvP content. The trailer shows a grim future where the world is torn into pieces and superheroes fall. Lex Luthor travels back to our present to warn the Justice League of the coming evil.

9 Rift Cinematic Trailer

Item 9

This is the cinematic trailer of Rift from Trion Worlds. The game is a fantasy themed MMORPG that is similar to WoW. The game took all the good elements of popular MMORPGs and combined them in one decent game. I personally don’t like the armor skins they use, but the gameplay is decent and I love the PvP.

8 Aion: Tower of Eternity Cinematic Trailer

Item 8

This is the original cinematic trailer back from when the game was released. It tells us the story that altered the shape of Aion and arouse the conflict between the three factions. Aion is a PvPvE MMORPG with a high emphasis on PvP. Great graphics, decent community and loads of PvP is what you get in Aion.

7 Diablo III: Opening Cinematic

Item 7

A great trailer that was the opening cinematic of the recently released Diablo III. The game is good and loved by many. I prefer character creation with customization, but in a game such as Diablo its not that important. Blizzard is constantly updating this decent MMO and it is very popular all over the world.

6 Firefall Cinematic Trailer

Item 6

Firefall is an MMOFPS/TPS in a sci-fi themed world. This is a cinematic trailer from the game that uniquely integrates this genre into a persistent open world. In Firefall you will see great graphics and some exciting PvP, not to mention the great amount of PvE content. The game is currently in an Open Beta phase.

5 Wildstar Cinematic Trailer

Item 5

Wildstar is a cartoonish, sci-fi themed MMORPG from NCSOFT. This cinematic is the intro trailer of this great game. It would be too long to list all the great aspects of Wildstar, simply put, it is one of the most anticipated MMOs of 2013. Some may not like the graphics due to not being photo realistic, but WoW uses similar cartoonish graphics and still remains popular.

4 Tera Opening Cinematic

Item 4

This is the opening cinematic of Tera, an action MMORPG that became very popular since its switch to Free-to-Play. The game has great graphics, an innovative combat system and a complex political system. Dungeons, battlegrounds, arenas and a great amount of open world PvP is what Tera can give you.

3 World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Cinematic Trailer

Item 3

A cinematic trailer I am sure most of you are familiar with. This is the trailer for the latest expansion of World of Warcraft, Mists of Pandaria. The trailer is very neatly done and matches the great contents of the expansion. The trailer’s popularity matches that of this great MMORPG by Blizzard. It definitely deserves third place on this Top 10 list.

2 Star Wars: The Old Republic “Return” Cinematic Trailer

Item 2

This is one of my favorite cinematic trailers. It could well be a scene from an actual Star Wars movie. Star Wars: The Old Republic is a sci-fi themed MMORPG in the Star Wars universe that needs no introduction. It became even more popular since its Free-to-Play conversion. You can find every popular MMO aspect in this game and some more. A solid second place is well deserved on this Top 10 list.

1 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Item 1

This is the obvious winner of this Top 10 list. The wonderful combination of the sentimental music and the stunning imagery makes it a masterpiece. I can’t wait for the game’s Open Beta to be released in June 2013. The developers did a fantastic job in redesigning Final Fantasy XIV. Please take your time and watch the full trailer, it is worth it.

This Top 10 list attempted to present you the best cinematic trailers for MMO games. All of them are great in many aspects. I personally enjoy watching cinematic trailers, as they set the theme for any given MMO, and possibly provide us with important background information. Feel free to comment and post your own favorite trailers.

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