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Top 10 PvP MMORPGs

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2013-05-23
PvP (Player versus Player) nowadays is a key factor in any successful MMORPG. Many games strive to create balance between classes and tons of PvP content such as Battlegrounds in World of Warcraft, Warzones in Star Wars: The Old Republic and open world PvP in Aion. Some MMORPGs focus distinctly on PvP , like the recently released Forge. The following Top 10 list is carefully put together, considering PvP balance, player base and popularity.

10 Perfect World Online

Item 10

In Perfect World Online PvP works in the fairly popular PK-system. This system concentrates on open world PvP with certain restrictions concerning player level and server type. There are both PvP and PvE servers. On PvP servers, players above level 30 are basically allowed to kill freely, except in safe zones. The color of the player’s name changes depending on how many other players they have killed. The more players you kill, the bigger the penalty is when you are killed by a monster or another player.

9 Age of Conan Unchained

Item 9

In AOC players have various choices in forms of PvP. The most popular type is the Massive Battles, also known as Siege PvP. These are fought to control “Battlekeeps” for the conquering guilds. There are PvP Minigames as well for those who are fond of PvP with less amount of players. These are „Capture the Flag” and „Team Deathmatch” themed. The game also utilizes a Notoriety system that affects those who killed many players. Notoriety even influences the attitude of NPCs towards you. Funcom put a high emphasis on creating a decent balance between classes.

8 Aika Online

Item 8

Aika is yet another fantasy MMORPG that focuses on massive PvP battles including Nation Vs. Nation PvP and Castle Sieges. The Nation vs. Nation warfare is a massive PvP event where factions battle over precious relics in PvP zones. These relics provide the faction with valuable buffs. Some battles include thousands of players cooperating and defeating the enemy faction. There are Battlegrounds of 6 Vs. 6 and 24 Vs. 24 for those who prefer smaller scale PvP. This game is clearly for those who enjoy massive cooperation and constant action.


Item 7

EVE online is a sci-fi themed MMORPG that takes place in a constantly changing open world space environment. Players train skills to command various types of spaceships and skills that improve ship equipment. It is common that massive space battles occur between players such as Corporation wars. Corporations are similar to „guilds” from other MMOs. The game has quite a few years behind its back and has gone through a wide range of improvements including an in-depth character creation system and controlling your actual character on space stations. This game is for those who have patience and a decent knowledge of English, for understanding how ships work can be very difficult for some players.

6 Star Wars: The Old Republic

Item 6

SW:ToR is a popular MMORPG that takes place in the Star Wars universe. There are two types of PVP in the game; Warzones and open world PvP. Warzones are similar to the WoW battlegrounds and allow 8 Vs. 8 battles. There are various types of warzones giving the participants various goals to achieve to win including tower capturing and resource collecting. The open world PvP includes PvP servers and planets that focus on PvP action and allow the player to earn resources for obtaining PvP gear. The game has become very popular since the Free-To-Play model has been implemented and various expansions and updates have been released. The game is mostly for those who are interested int he Star Wars universe and enjoy PvP similar to that of WoW.

5 Rift

Item 5

Did you enjoy playing WoW, Aion and Warhammer? If you did then Rift is the right game for you. Warfronts offer a great PvP experience from level 10 to 60. They are instanced zone battlegrounds that require various goals to reach to beat the opposing team. The classes can be very well customized by the player and adjusted to their personal play style. Some balance issues occur from time to time but are quickly fixed. From level 50 players can participate in Conquest events that are altered versions of the normal zones and include three faction open world PvP battles that reward experience and points for obtaining PvP gear.

4 Tera

Item 4

Tera is a quite distinct MMORPG. It offers players true action combat instead of the usual tabbing and spamming style. It has a huge open world without the usual loading screens. There are no separate factions in the game, but a very diverse political system. The game’s main PvP aspect is the PK system. On PvP servers after leaving the starting zone around level 12 anyone can attack you if you are not in a safe zone. Once turning on the PK mode you can attack other players, but earn infamy if killing lower levels. Infamy prevents you from turning off the PK mode. Guild vs. Guild PvP is also very popular. Guild can declare war on each other and attack the guild members similarly to the PK system. There are Battlegrounds in the game too that do not need explanation.

3 Guild Wars 2

Item 3

Guild Wars 2 is the world famous sequel to Guild Wars. Players can choose to level a PvE character or just make a level 1 character and PvP with it. World PvP can be entered by any level character. Structured PvP in the Mist allows player to enter on any level and get boosted instantly to maximum level and given PvP gear. This gear can be altered in any way to your liking. The strong aspect of Guild Wars 2’s structured PvP is that all players have the same stats which means victory depends on your skills and choice of character specialization. World vs. World vs. World is a battleground type of PvP where three servers battle to conquer outposts. Conquering servers are declared on a weekly basis.

2 World of Warcraft

Item 2

WoW is an MMORPG that has been tried by most at some point and does not need introduction. Several expansions and updates altered its shape since the release in 2004. Over nine years WoW has been one of the top MMOs internationally. At the earlier phases open world PvP was very common, but the introduction of flying mounts sort of killed it. Arenas of 2 vs. 2, 3 vs. 3 and 5 vs. 5 are very popular ways of PvP in WoW. Several worldwide tournaments occur yearly that include arena matches. Battlegrounds are known by almost any MMO player. Faction based structured PvP earning you experience and honor. Since the character specializations have been significantly simplified characters are not so distinct any more, but this has led to a better balance.

1 Aion

Item 1

This choice might not be popular for those who do not have patience and exceptional skills for PvP. Aion is a typical Korean MMO that requires a huge amount of time input from the player to achieve something. When you do however, you will not be left without reward. There is a huge focus on PvP from the earlier levels too. Players can cross over to the enemy faction’s areas through rifts. From level 46 players can enter Arenas where they compete for insignias that can be turned in for PvP gear. From low level maximum level, players collect resources called Abyss Points that can be turned in along with medals for best in slot PvP gear and for lower level PvP items too. Abyss Points can be earned from quests, relics, killing players and participating in “Dredgions” that can be entered from level 46. Forts are also areas of great PvP battles. At certain times forts become vulnerable and can be conquered by the two player controlled factions, Elyos and Asmodian, and by the third faction that cannot be controlled by players, the Balaur. The Balaur are at war with both player controlled factions and can interfere with PvP events regularly. Aion is the winner on my list for its complicated and well-built PvP system, great community and constant development.

There are tons of MMORPGs out there that contain PvP elements. This Top 10 list shows some of the leading games that are currently available for players. Some of these are Pay-To-Play and a few are Free-to-Play. The best way to decide on which one suits you the best is by trying them all.

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