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Top 10 Games Developed By Namco

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-11-09
Over time, technological developments have led to the release of many other versions related to the original game released and this has greatly served to offer a wide range of choice to video game lovers.

10 The tower of Druaga (ARC)

Item 10

This game is among the earliest to be released by Namco and it is among the least known games. It was released into the gaming market in 1984. An arcade game has a lot of action RPGs but may be it caught on a lot of fame back then despite the action arcade games being dominated by Western RPGs and JRPGs. Today, action RPGs have become a favorite and almost all their development can be accredited to the original Tower of Druaga design. The game is among the longest, ever created at that time and its list of enemies to be encountered is very dynamic. In addition, the game has a variety of weapons to be used.

9 Ridge Racer (ARC)

Item 9

This is also another arcade racing game. It made its debut back in 1993. It had several releases and was very influential when it came to racing games. Its most famous trait was the inclusion of a full car as a game controller. As development went on, the later versions of the game released added on more unique features, such as rear view mirrors and multiple player support. There have been no version additions in the near past but the very first version of this game released remains to be the crowning point for all Namco releases.

8 Ace Combat 5 - The Unsung War (PS2)

Item 8

This is one of the earliest Namco games to use consoles and as a result, got a PlayStation port. After this, almost all other games developed by Namco were console exclusives and this game debuted in 1992. An arial simulated combat game has the ability of plot development and focus. It is set on a version of the planet earth, but with different people, continents, tribes and cultures. In as much as this release had multi player function, its controls while in play are unique and this highly popularized this game.

7 Time Crisis (ARC)

Item 7

This is among the first of shooting games to include strategy and more control while playing. This is not because it brought on the light gun, but because more control was added on the shooting. The gun was developed to have a recoil function together with check point system of timing. With these additions, a player has to manage their state of health strategically, ammunition and time as opposed to just openly firing at the enemies. It also had levels included in it; the better a player performed the higher they went up the levels.

6 Klonoa - Door to Phantomile (PS)

Item 6

If you were to look at the most forgotten popular games list, this game would definitely be on that list. It has released eight versions to date and only two are considered as the main games. Upon its debut, it got very strong reviews largely because its design did not have repetitive levels and its graphical floor was very trendy and colorful. This game was so unique in that all its features appeared in 3 D format while game play was maintained at 2 D format. Its sequels went to become fully 3 D and were also popular.

5 Katamari Damacy (PS2)

Item 5

The most notable thing about this game is the bizarre game concept. This game has some of the most interesting and fun soundtracks ever in a game and has a very artistic style of narrative that perfectly fits the game's appeal. All the characters, graphics, dialog and game play fit perfectly well together making the game very enjoyable to play and watch.

4 SoulCalibur II (GC)

Item 4

This Namco's game has literally dominated the world of arcade games. In fact, the fighting scenes in this the series of these game that it has been compared to all time greats such as Mortal Combat and Street Fighter, with pundits saying that only these two games have bettered SoulCalibur games. There have been many versions release for this game but the first two are considered the greatest. One of the things that highly made the second release so popular is its large multiplatform console release.

3 Tekken 3 (ARC)

Item 3

Tekken is said to be the inspiration behind=d the release of the game on the number 4 spot. Tekken was released in 1994 as an arced game although it developed more towards the home consoles than the arcade machines. In as much as there are many good features in all Tekken releases, Tekken 3 takes a spot because it is built and developed on a more advanced and stable hardware than all the rest. Its console is also highly furnished due to the developments made in the field by PlayStation. It is one of the greatest games developed across the gaming genre.

2 Galaga (ARC)

Item 2

To understand the beauty of this game fully, then you must go back into history and look at the earliest games by Namco, Galaga and Galaxian, releases back in the 1980s. Galaxian came before Galaga and offered nothing more than predictive steps while progressing forward and that is why the release of Galaga became a hit. Galaga with a whole set of new and large number of enemies for a game in that in that era, making game play very unpredictable. The only thing that game pundits have complained about is the lack of background play, but even without this, the enemy movements are top of the range make the game very involving.

1 Pac-Man (ARC)

Item 1

It might hard to believe that after being released in 1980, it is still the most popular video game of all time. In as much as many would argue this point, it should be noted that the game has the highest recognizable brand characters ranging from Mario to Pikachu and no other game can envy this. The popularity of this game is more hinged to its release timing. At the time of release, almost all other games were either in the shooting or in sports genre. Pac-Man came into the scene without having any specific genre meaning that the monotony of shooting and spotting games was finished.

With the invent of huge screens and 3 D format in almost all games, video gaming has become a favorite past time of many and it is not to understand why. With the availability of so many great games like the ones above, one is literally spoilt for choice.

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