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Top 10 Video Game songs

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-10-07
Every video game has music, but not every video game has music that just won’t get out of your head. The following is a list of ten game songs that have etched themselves into my consciousness, and are notable for either their universal recognition factor, or just because they are so awesome.

10 Mario

Item 10

Even if you are not old enough to have played on a NES, I have little doubt that you will instantly recognize the opening song from the first level of Super Mario Brothers. As the game that brought Nintendo into almost every home, this song deserves a spot in this list.

9 Duke Nukem

Item 9

He’s cool. He’s badass. He steals quips from Army of Darkness. And, as one of the first real 3d First person Shooters, he set the stage for all the FPS games that followed, including a soundtrack every bit as badass as he was.

8 Halo

Item 8

The greatest thrill to Halo for me was its setting. Sure, I know people love it’s physics, game play, and explosions, but I had way more fun exploring the world and it’s mysteries. And this opening was every bit as majestic as the that world.

7 Mortal Kombat

Item 7

A game that took the world by storm with following that couldn’t stop talking about it; this song captured the energy of MK all too well. And not just in the arcade, as I can recall dancing to it many nights at the club as well.

6 Final Fantasy 8 opening Liberi Fatali

Item 6

While some prefer different FF openings, I still cannot watch the opening of FF8 without a tear in my eye. I can’t help it. Knowing now what the text all means makes it so much more intense. As an opening to one of my all time favorite RPGs, I had to include it.

5 Kingdom Hearts Hikari/Simple and Clean

Item 5

I have to admit I haven’t played Kingdom Hearts, but it’s not because I don’t want to. I’ve been promised this game a dozen times for Christmas only to have some event or other make it impossible. That hasn’t stopped me from loving this song, in both English and Japanese.

4 Silent Hill

Item 4

If you can listen to this song without chills up your spine and a nervous glace over your shoulder to check for monsters, then you are doing better than I do. As the opening to the first Silent Hill, it did a fantastic job of setting the mood for the entire game.

3 Devils Never Cry

Item 3

Another game series I have never played, I discovered this song quite by accident one day when I was browsing youtube. The interplay between heavy metal and almost Gregorian harmony makes this a unique sounding song that I can’t get enough of.

2 Still Alive

Item 2

Sung by GlaDOS at the end of the first Portal game, this humorous little ditty perfectly captures the “science at all costs” meme so prevalent in both the Portal and Half-Life games. The vengeful little digs GlaDOS takes at the player in the song never fails to make me smile.

1 One Wing Angel

Item 1

You had to know this one was coming. And yes, it’s the second Final Fantasy song in this list, but it tops the chart not just in my book, but has become one of the single most recognizable game songs ever. You may love or hate Sepiroth, but this song ensures he will never be “just a memory”.

And there you have it. The songs written for games which I see as most memorable. So sit back, click the links, and turn up you headphones, because I will be willing to bet you will be listening to these over and over, just like me.

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