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Would you like even more players on your server? 
Gold Membership gives your listing a ton of extra promotion:

* Your banner is always displayed.

* Your server listing is highlighted.

* Your listing text is bolded.

* A special "Gold Member" medal is displayed by your server.

* Check out the samples below to see how it looks!


On average, servers with Gold Membership get substantially more traffic each month than basic listings. Does that sound good to you?


Traditional internet banner advertising in this way could cost you $50 or more every month. But not with Top100Arena! You get all the above benefits for just $15 USD!


And that's not all! Servers with Gold Membership also start each month with 100 bonus votes, for no extra charge!
All you need to do now is select your Site ID and months of Gold Membership, then proceed to our PayPal checkout page for payment. Your listing will be upgraded as soon as payment is complete.

Your site ID is located at the end of your listing URL, eg if your listing looks like this: then the "xxx" number is your site id number!

Paypal flags certain purchases automatically, which prevents us from auto-upgrading some listings.
If you are not upgraded within 5 minutes after your purchase, send us an email from your Paypal email address.
We will upgrade your listing manually within 24 hours.

If you have any problems with the form, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

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