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Site Name:Edge of Despair
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Site URL:http://edge-of-despair.com
Date Signed Up:2019-06-07
Banner:Edge of Despair
Language:English SiteEnglish
Description:Server Rates are 12/12/6 3 for Boss, Episode 13.3 custom.
Custom on some loots, minimum 0.1 drop on monsters and 0.01 on bosses.
Population/Repopulation of monsters customised on some maps to give them a new life.
Staff is formed of retired players, wanting to offer the best experience to our players.
Staff has a decent scope of competences, especially in term of design and development.

This server offer some exclusive content to make everyone happy:
- Custom Hat Quest
- Automated Events
- Battleground
- War of Emperium
- Scripted Events
- Ranking system with rewards (PvP/TvT/GvG/PvE)
- Custom Instances

To reward your support, we have a boutique filled with costumes (not pay to win).

Control Panel (FluxCp) with statistics WoE/BG/MvP.


The server owns Gepard Shield v3.1 and is protected from DDoS for the confort of our players.

Serveur is open.

We hope to see you on Edge Of Despair!

To contact us, send us a mail at [email protected]


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