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I'm CrazzMC and I am Co-Owner of Ventrix with Jovanni. We're two developers that found the RSPS industry over 7 years ago. We recently dove back in and decided to work together and create something awesome. We decided to make a server that not only had the great OSRS & Pre-EoC experience, but also a custom feel to stand out from most of the RSPSs in the industry today. Ventrix is a combination of multiple projects we've worked on in the past 6 months and it's got more and more coming everyday. We've planned out the next 3 months of content release which has new Skills, Questing, Bosses, and Items to give you an awesome gaming experience. We really believe in the long-term game, so we're constantly going to be pushing awesome updates to keep our players entertained and here for the long haul.

Server Details


We've made a completely custom home with a lot of content to go through as well. We've brought many skills here so that you can stay engaged with the community instead of going to far remote places around the world. If you like the solo skilling anyway its still available!

Updated PvM

Updated OSRS Content with full functionality. Here is one of our latest additions, Vorkath.


Raids 1 with working boss mechanics. Currently we have about 4 rooms with 100% functionality and boss mechanics. More to come!


Gamble with Spin & Loyalty boxes available through Vote Shops, Loyalty Program, & the Web Store

Loyalty Rewards

Custom Loyalty Program. Play for 1 hour a day in a row for 5 days. Get an awesome reward each day. It's super rewarding when you get to Day 5!

Custom Areas

Fully 100% Custom Areas for Tiered Donator Zones, Membership Zones, & Prestige Players.



All Skills except Construction (in development)


Dagganoths || Adamant & Rune Dragons || Barrelchest || KBD || Giant Mole || KQ || GWD || Corp || Kraken || Zulrah || Cerberus || Smoke Devils || Abyssal Sire || Demonic Gorillas || Lizardmen Shaman || Vorkath || Revenant Caves


Raids || Pest Control || Fight Caves || Warriors Guild || Barrows || Mage Arena || Clan Wars || Duel Arena


IM, HCIM, UIM, OSRS Game Modes || Prestige Program || Loyalty Program || Membership Program || Tiered Donator Zones


What is it?

The Membership Program is a way to support the server and obtain awesome in-game benefits. We created this program because we hated what the RSPS industry has become. All around you see servers that are all P2W and player turnover is extremely high. What we wanted is a system where you can support the server and we can provide fair long-term benefits so you can enjoy your playing experience for more than the normal 2-3 weeks per server. We're here for the long haul and we hope you are too. 

The Program

Weekly $10

Exclusive Membership Zone

Membership Only Content (Items, Quests, Abilities)

Members Rank - Forums, Discord, & In-Game

Exclusive Discord Voice & Text Channels

Overhead Icon

3 Roll Tokens (Raids Chest Rolls)

$5 in Donator Credits

10% Off Donator Shop

Monthly $32

Exclusive Membership Zone

Membership Only Content (Items, Quests, Abilities)

Members Rank - Forums, Discord, & In-Game

Exclusive Discord Voice & Text Channels

Overhead Icon

15 Roll Tokens (Raids Chest Rolls)

$16 in Donator Credits

15% Off Donator Shop


New Content

We are going to be developing new content Weekly. Development for major updates will start on Saturday the week before its planned for release and the next Friday it will be released. For example Tiered Donator Zones will be released on Friday the 14th of September, development starts today Saturday the 8th of September. 

General Fixes & Bugs

These are general fixes that we've noticed or players have told us about, as long as they aren't a priority we wi


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