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Date Signed Up:2018-08-22
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Description:Classified Pk has been in development for coming up to 5 years now and has had previous successful running's. The project has been worked on consistently from the start, with lots of time and hard work it has made it the unique, content filled server it is today. Classified Pk has always been a player dedicated server, we have adapted the OSRS polls and run frequent polls to add content suggested by our players. We found that this gives us excellent player satisfaction as they are our top priority. We got some exciting news towards the end of July that Classified Pk was coming back and so it did on the 30th of July Classified reopened its doors.
Why should i play Classified Pk?
We believe that Classified Pk is one of the most unique servers out there, we are a rare breed of 718 servers that are still thriving and expanding with content.
We have an excellent Community who are kept involved with the changes and updates with Classified Pk, every player has a voice and we listen to it.

25 Working Skills
Skills trainable to 120 with Master capes with Particles
Over 30 Bosses including Nex, Vorago, Full QBD
Frequent Updates and new content, Power to the player updates everything added is voted by the community
Max, Completionist and Trimmed Completionist Capes with Requirements
Full High scores
Full Working Clans
Iron Man Mode
Full clue scrolls dynamic system
Fully Working mini-games, Castle Wars, Fight Pits, Fight Kiln, Fight Caves + More
Active World Event bosses on spawn timers
Tier 90 Weapons and Armour
Boss Slayer Tasks
Realistic Custom weapons / Armour / rares / NPC
Fire Capes, 3 Kiln capes and 3 infernalcapes (Each Combat Style)
Trivia with cash rewards
In game pets
Squeal Of Fortune (SOF)
Achievement System
Boss Instances
Shooting Stars
Evil Tree Event
Full Dominion Tower
Flawless PVP
Perfect switches(edited)
Balance between PVM & PVM


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2018-12-07 15 24
2018-12-06 14 10
2018-12-05 14 0
2018-12-04 11 9
2018-12-03 12 16

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