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Date Signed Up:2018-07-13
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Description:Enter a parallel universe! A world where chaos engulfed the blood-covered lands of Azeroth.
Only you can forge the destiny of this kingdom, you, heroic heroes, come and stand up proudly against this new threat that is raging!

After months and months of intensive development we finally decided to share our project. founded by a team at the forefront of perfection to offer you unsurpassed script quality!

From there, was born Nazmir! The first private World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth 8.0 server

Our ambitions are simple, to give the best of ourselves, to surpass ourselves, to offer you always more, write our story so that no one will write it for us and build our community. This is impossible without you and your support.

This is why we will offer you access to the Alpha server to help us in our development and progress.

But not that, we also count on you to inform your friends and loved ones to join us at your side. You can also join us in guild and enjoy the new contents of Battle for Azeroth.

Join us, and engage in an epic adventure, unheard of on a private server!


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