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Site URL:http://rampage.pw
Date Signed Up:2018-01-19
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Description:There can be no doubt, you must be present at this opening.
Our professional approach to our work fully justifies your time spent.
We present you a Playground with live online from 2,000 players on the INTERLUDE platform!

We present to your attention the classic multicraft X100 server as part of the project Rampage.pw
The server will be opened on December 21 at 20: 00 Moscow time.

We have prepared for you a classic server Lineage 2, which combines the maximum balance of all classes and races, the minimum doneyt, which in no case does not affect the gameplay!

Why should you pay attention to our project?

Stable operation of 5 servers - We are not ephemeral!
One of the best builds of INTERLUDE will allow you to feel all the mechanics of the game, as it was on the official server.
The best implementation of INTERLUDE is CT0 on the Java platform.
The advertising campaign after the start of the server does not allow to fall online to a critical minimum.
One of the best defenses against DDoS attacks, our project has never fallen in history!
Professional Technical support from the Administration with more than 4 years of experience!

Opening of the server on December 21 at 20: 00 Moscow time, what awaits you?

Perfect start, without DDoS attacks, and delays.
The absence of items in the Donate store that affect the gameplay.
Under start immediately 10 level of and Top No Grade equipment.
REP Barakiel and Rampage boss begins with the start of the server!
The first launch of the Olympics on December 22 at 18: 00, the first Heroes on December 28 at 01: 00 Moscow time.
The first automatic issuance of prizes for Coal Mines on December 24 at 12: 00 PM.
The first siege of 28-29 December.
The opening of the OBT on 18 December at 20:00 Moscow what you waiting for?

At the start you get 1000 Gold Bar, Coin of Luck, Festival Adena
Chance to capture skill from Top Grade Life Stone in time OBT increased on 40%
At the time MBT the chance of sharpening to +6 is 100%.
Round the clock Olympics, the issuance of heroism every day at 00: 01, break Olympics 20 minutes, run after the issuance of heroism at 00: 20.
In the starting city of Goddard will be involved NPC "assistant OBT", from which you can get most of the services for comfortable testing of the server.
During OBT shout chat is visible in all cities
OBT closes on December 21 at 01: 30 Moscow time.
Not a small amount of advertising campaign guarantees maximum online!
A team with extensive experience, will make your game as comfortable as possible!


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