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Site Name:TizenX V6
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Site URL:https://solomass.com/
Date Signed Up:2018-01-19
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Description:Instant PKing - Log in, choose your account type, and start pvp instantly with our unique ::gear interface, to get you geared up and on your way instantly!

Active Wilderness - Thanks to our many wilderness updates such as wilderness slayer, bosses, skilling resources, and the brand new Ancient Throne, we have a thriving wilderness with lots of areas to explore and people to kill!

Customs - Lots of professionally designed (and no exaggerated customs) to choose from. All designed with purpose-in-mind and whilst still keeping the medieval theme.

Events - Regularly run events in peak time zones, ran by Administrators every week, dishing out lots of rewards for you guys to get your hands on, as well as fun and exciting events like maze running to take part in!

24 Skills - All skills able to be leveled up! Visit our unique skilling hub where you can find almost ever resource and interact with fellow skillers nearby too!

Loads of bosses - We have many iconic and also custom bosses to fight, each offering their own unique rewards, pets and high loot tables.

And tones more, just come and see for yourself!



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