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Date Signed Up:2017-11-29
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Description:What to look forward to?
Our dedicated development team works around the clock to provide our players with quality updates that the community has suggested.
We have a very friendly and helpful staff team that are dedicated to helping and assisting you, they're always there to assist you in any way possible.

Why choose us?
ImmortalX plans to be around for years, a lot of people want to join a server knowing that the server isn't just going to close in a week.
Who who wants to dedicate time to a server that's going to be down shortly?
We plan on being around for years, we have a dedicated team that want this server to thrive, this server isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

We have a custom PVM Ranking system, your rank will go up automatically upon reaching a certain amount of npc kills, each rank has perks!

We have a very friendly and experienced community, if you're a new player, don't hesitate to ask any questions!

Most custom servers shy away from the Range/Mage aspect, and focus mainly on Melee.
Range/Mage is very viable on ImmortalX, plenty of players prefer the Mage/Range route.

- All 25 Skills
- Auction House
- Friendly Community
- Ironman/Ultimate Ironman Gamemode
- Well Of Goodwill
- 100 + Achievements
- Amazing Donator Benefits
- Custom PVM Ranking System
- Lag Free 24/7 Hosted
- 100% Clan System
- NPC Drop Tables
- Custom Clue Scrolls
- Auto Vote/Donate
- Custom Items
- Custom Bosses
- Custom NPCS's
- Custom Pets
- Shooting Star/Evil Tree
- Custom Minigames
- Hiscores
- Active Forums
- Dedicated Staff/Development Team
- Vote For Donator


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