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Site Name:AlderaminRO 3k/3k
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Date Signed Up:2017-11-10
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Description:AlderaminRO is a high rate private server to bring you
both PvP and PvE Content while
balancing them for the satisfaction of our players.

To know more abour AlderaminRO please
feel free to checkout our Server Info (
To view our latest news please visit our News! (

If you have any concerns,
The Alderamin Team would like to help you out.
You may send us a pm on out Facebook Page Alderamin RO (
Or hit us up directly at our Discord Server (

Here are the features you'd like to know:

Rates: 3k/3k/3k
Base/Job lvl: 255/120 Trans Class
Max Stats: 255
Normal Card drops: 20%
MVP/Mini Boss card Drops: 5%

Game Play Features
MU Rebirth System. Max 10 (Additional Stats)
Weapon Skill 3rd Job Randomization
Advanced Refiner up to +20
No cast delay
Revamped Kiel Card
4 slot head gears
Global Drops
New Pots System
Stalker NPC
Mining System
Luk Based Status Resistance 400luk = 100%
Movement Skills are Binded when using Binding Skills (Close Confine,Ankle Snare etc..)
Renewal Mobs
Ported some renewal mechanics over to pre-re
MVP Bosses rescaled for higher difficulty
Some instances has a "potential" to drop donate items
Customized PvE Content with Lore (Soon)
Close Eye on Class Rebalancing
Halloween Events until end of november!


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