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My main focus with this server is to make something fun and enjoyable for all.
I will be making this server eco/pvp so no matter what you want to do there is always something!!
Every server has to start somewhere hoping to build a nice small community and grow over time!

Play Now - [URL=""][/URL]
Forums - [URL=""][/URL]


- [B]Full Raids [Play solo or with a clan! This mini-game is also safe for hardcore ironman to play!!][/B]
- [B]Warriors Guild [Get that Dragon Defender!][/B]
- [B]Pest Control [Get void or go for elite void![/B]
- [B]Fight Caves [Try your luck against Jad][/B]
- [B]Barrows [Almost just like OSRS!][/B]
- [B]Shayzien Assualt [Try to get the legendary Dragon Warhammer!][/B]
- [B]Mage Arena [Try for some infinity?][/B]
- [B]Duel Arena [Stake away that hard earned gp![/B]


- [B]BarrelChest [Try your luck on getting a barrel chest anchor!][/B]
- [B]Dagannoth Kings [Can you collect all 3 rings?][/B]
- [B]King Black Dragon [May strike luck and get that lovely Visage!][/B]
- [B]Giant Mole [Trade some claws or mole skins for nest!][/B]
- [B]Kalphite Queen [Get a smexy Dragon ChainBody][/B]
- [B]God Wars [Try and collect all the legendary Godwars items!][/B]
- [B]Corporeal Beast [collect all the sprit shields!][/B]
- [B]Kraken [Control the seas with the legendary Trident[/B]
- [B]Zulrah [Get the blowpipe everyone desires][/B]
- [B]Cerberus [Upgrade all three combat related boots if your lucky.][/B]
- [B]Smoke Devil [Slay the top beast for a chance at a very amazing staff][/B]
- [B]Abyssal Sire [Collect all the pieces and make a bludgeon!][/B]
- [B]Demonic Gorillas [Collect the best jewelry in game][/B]
- [B]Lizardman Shaman [Try you luck at a 1/2k drop rate on d Warhammer![/B]
- [B]Skotizo [Try and collect one of are newest pets!!][/B]
- [B]Vet'ion, Callisto, Scorpia, Venenatis, Chaos Elemental, Chaos Fanatic, and Crazy Archeologist [Try your luck against the wilderness bosses!][/B]

[CENTER]Misc Server features.[/CENTER]

- [B]Skilling Point System [With a shop to spend the points][/B]
- [B]Collect points as you raid to spend in shop![/B]
- [B]We also have a previous teleport feature![/B]

[CENTER]Many more updates to come here is some videos of the server![/CENTER]


[CENTER][Promo Video coming soon.]

[B]In game media of server[/B]

[CENTER][B]The brand new client background![/B][/CENTER]


[B]King Black Dragon[/B][/CENTER]


[CENTER][B]Dag Prime[/B][/CENTER]




[CENTER][B]Armadyl Boss[/B][/CENTER]


[CENTER][B]Saradomin Boss[/B][/CENTER]


[CENTER][B]Bandos Boss[/B][/CENTER]


[CENTER][B]Previous Teleport Feature[/B][/CENTER]


[CENTER][B]Fully working hcim[/B][/CENTER]


[CENTER][B]Pictures of the newly added infernal cape![/B][/CENTER]




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