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Site Name:Epoch MU x100 - Grand Open - 9 September
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Date Signed Up:2017-08-31
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Description:-Version: Premium Season 6 episode 3
-Experience: 100 c dynamics up to 25.
-Drop Rate: 55
-Maximum stats: 32767
-Statues per level: 5/7/7
-Master of Experience: 10%
-Adjusted PVM / PVP balances
-Get the top item, wcoinc-participating in the events and killing the bosses.
-Every 10 resets you get bonuses in Wcoinc.
-6 new stones:
-Jewel of Exelent, Jewel of Level, Jewel of Skill, Jewel of Option, Jewel of Ancient, Jewel of Socket
-New sets that can be obtained by killing bosses.
-Noob map with low monsters for recruits.
-New bosses
-Adjusted PVM / PVP balances
-For every hour spent in the game you automatically get 1 Wcoin
-New Cash shop in which you will see an incredible range
-Party Search-now do not need to search for party, the new NPC will do it for you !!!
-Auto party system-take Party even when you're not at the computer.
-Auto reconnect system automatically returns you to the game after disconnect.
-Offline trading, sell your goods while not in the game.
-Bonus experience on events is a good reason to quickly raise the level of participating in events.
-Balanced reward on events
-Spots of monsters 5-6 as well as top spots (7-8) on 1 per location
-All spots are allocated to Minimap
-New monsters and bosses.Bonus experience BC Event + 50%
-Bonus experience DS Event + 50%
-DL, RF creation: 250 (VIP less)
-Summoner with 1 level.
-Dynamic lowering of experience
-Gens system
-Vip system
-A large number of additions
-New sets and wings
-Player's pane in the game


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