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Site Name:L2Emi.eu x50 Mid/Farm
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Site URL:http://l2emi.eu/poll
Date Signed Up:2017-07-17
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Description:L2 Emi v2.0

We start the second edition!
Server Files have been heavily modified, bug fixes have been fixed and we have upgraded Geoengine so that we have removed many bugs with the geodata.
We changed the principle of Premium, we also introduced some useful functions like MENU, where you can change password without going to the page,
enable or disable automatic CP / HP / MP, Block Buff and many more.

According to the voting results, the settings are as follows:

Open Beta: 16.10.2017 20:00 GMT+2
Start: 27.10.2017 20:00 GMT+2

Starting Event:
1. Each clan with the number of players 20+ get 5lvl clan and 20K CRP
2. The clan that wins the first Siege on Dion, get 80 Donation Coinów! 20 Golden Event Box (random reward after opening)

Website: http://www.l2emi.eu
Forum: http://www.l2emi.eu/forum
Account Panel: http://account.l2emi.eu

Exp - x50
SP - x50
Party exp/sp - x2
Adena - x60

Enchant Rate:
Enchant Weapon max - +16
Enchant Armor max - +16
Enchant Chance - 55%
Safe: +3

Server time: UTC+2 (Warsaw/Berlin)
Main Town - Dion
Buff time: 2h
Buff Slots: 24 + 4
Offline Shop
Auto Pickup
Auto Events
Block Buff
MP Pots 500MP - reuse 5sec.
Weight Limit disabled
Mobs drop only adena. (other drops will be deleted)
Spawn Protection: 10sec
Auto learn skills
Subclass without quest
Siege every week
Starting level 20 with D grade Equipment
Raid Boss cannot be healed
Premium Account System

Farm Zone:
Cruma Tower Floor 1 & Floor 2 - Weapon/Armor/Jewelry Fragments
3st Floor Custom Core with 80 lvl and EPIC drop.
PvP Flag when hit Cruma Champions / Boss
Dark Omens - Ancient Adena
Saints - Ancient Adena
Shrine of Loyalty - 3rd Class Mark

Clans & Ally:
Max 2 clans in Alliance
Max people in one clan: Retail

Noblesse: (2 ways like a H5)
-Caradine Letter (65lvl) in Shop
-Barakiel Respawn 8h (+/-30min)
-Custom Quest for Staff of Goddess:Rain Song (If you don't want kill Barakiel)

Period 1 week
Time retail (6h)
First Olympiad will start a week after server open

Castles Siege:
Only Dion Castle available for Siege
Reward for Siege Winner: Adena/AA/Fragments
Reward will be automatically added to CWH
First Siege will start a week after server open


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