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Site URL:http://l2emi.eu/poll
Date Signed Up:2017-07-17
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Description:L2Emi - this is a project created by experienced Lineage2 players, it's not just a holiday server, this project we want to develop over the years!
Finally, we are planning to open very very good low rate server. But before that we have to go long way across all types of servers to bring the files to perfection.

L2 Emi v1.0

Website: http://www.l2emi.eu
Forum: http://www.l2emi.eu/forum

Exp - x15
SP - x15
Party exp/sp - x2
Adena - x20
Raid Boss - x1
Grand Boss - x1

Enchant Rate:
Enchant Weapon max - +7
Enchant Armor max - +7
Enchant Chance - 60%
Safe: +3

Server time: GMT+1
Main Town - Dion
Difficulty Farm level - Mid
Buff time: 2h
Buff Slots: 24 + 4
Buffer with Schemes
Offline Shop
Auto Pickup
Weight Limit disabled
Mobs drop only adena. (other drops will be deleted)
Spawn Protection: 10sec
Auto learn skills
Subclass without quest
Siege every week
Enchants, Life Stones, GC in one stock
Starting level 20 with D grade Equipment
Raid Boss cannot be healed

Farm Zones:
Cruma 1st Floor (1-2 Fragments)
Cruma 2st Floor (1-4 Fragments)
Cruma 3st Floor Custom Core with 80 lvl
Shrine - 3rd Class Mark
Dark Omens / Saints - Ancient Adena

Clans & Ally:
Max 2 clans in Alliance
Max people in one clan: Retail

Noblesse: (2 ways like a H5)
-Caradine Letter (65lvl) in Shop
-Barakiel Respawn 6h (+/-30min)
-Custom Quest for Staff of Goddess:Rain Song (If you dont want kill Barakiel)

Period 2 week
Time retail (6h)

-Global GK
-Class Master
-Newbie Helper
-Noblesse Helper (Quest for Ftaffof Goddess)
-NPC Buffer with Schemes
-Weapon Shop (C-B Adena, A/S Weapon fragments)
-Armor Shop (C-B Adena, A/S Armor fragments)
-Jewelry Shop (C-B Adena, A/S Jewelry fragments)
-Consumables Shop
-Blacksmith of Mammon (Special Abilities and Unseal Armor / Accessory)


Overall Totals

In Out Total In Total Out
80 720 115 2067


Day In Out
Today 0 0
2017-09-19 7 0
2017-09-18 9 28
2017-09-17 10 1
2017-09-16 3 17
2017-09-15 3 10
2017-09-14 5 8
2017-09-13 6 45
2017-09-12 5 19
2017-09-11 3 35

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