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Category:Lineage 2 Private Servers
Site Name:L2DevilGods
Current Rank: 983 Yesterday: 718 Best: -
Site URL:http://www.devilgods.org
Date Signed Up:2017-05-28
Language:English SiteEnglish
Description:Grand Opening: 10.08.2018 at 20:00 GMT+2
Now online is Open Beta Server

Exp - x50
SP - x50
Adena - x25
Drop - x25
Spoil - x25
Drop Seal Stones - x4
Quest Reward - x1
Quest Item Drop - x2
Raid Boss Drop - x1
Raid Boss Drop Chance - x3
Epic Boss Drop - x1

Safe +3
Max +25
Chance 60%

Moderate donation
It might sound unbelievable, however we don't have any kind of donate on our server. Donate will always push forward players that have a lot of money, but for us Lineage II is skill based game and we want all players to have equal chance to be the best. And don't be worried about server's lifetime, we have enough money to keep server running for an indefinite period of time.

L2OFF based
No Java! Our server is based on L2OFF platform giving us great stability and retail settings. We are using our own extender for enhancing the gameplay with features like offline shop, option to turn off or on experience gain and a lot of security fixes. And we are giving our extender sources to public!

New chronicles
We will upgrade to newer chronicles over the time, giving our players new possibilities and entertainment. First, we will continuously upgrade to Gracia Final .


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