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Illerai was designed to introduce new aspects of RSPS gameplay. The adventure takes place after the second Godwars, and is renewed into the Oldschool ERA. However, unlike other servers, we have developed new and improved ideas, presented them to our community and implemented these features with extensive calculation.

Our aim is to give our players an experience they've yet not embarked on. The true meaning of a new beginning.

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What we offer:

Full Bosses, including exclusive ones such as Eldrax, King Chimera, Baron Maple and Filtiarn
Expansive OSRS Combat System
New Ingame items such as Eldrax armour, Elderwood robes, Runic tome and more
5 game modes including the unique 'Skiller mode' (also including Adventurer, Ironman, Ultimate and Hardcore ironman modes)
Complete minigames and revamped integrations
Prestige system which allows access to new areas based on prestiged skill levels
Skilling and Boss pets with a unique pet insurance system
New combat attributes such as parry, bleed, burn and more
Player owned stores
Unique teleportation system
...and so much more!

Join the adventurer! Embark on a truely new journey.


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