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Site Name:L2Idle - Botting Allowed
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Site URL:http://lineage2idle.com
Date Signed Up:2017-04-23
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Description:Introducing L2Idle - Botting is allowed here! A server with retail gameplay with some twists, buff times increased, a convenient shop to make your journey a bit easier and other changes to make gameplay more enjoyable. Read below to discover all of the features.

EXP/SP: 3x(Premium for voting)
Adena: 2x
Nevit's and Vitality fully working.

- Skills will be automatically learned.
- Drops will be automatically picked up.(Excludes raids)
- Mana drug will be available which recovers mana overtime. No instant mana potions besides elixers.

Added Features:
- Hunting Point System: As you kill monsters, your character will accumulate points, which can be exchanged for various goods at the Services NPC.
- "Buffed" monsters randomly spawn over the world, which are harder to kill but give bigger drops.
- Clan Halls - if you own one, you have a special NPC that will increase clan reputation for a fee. You can also change your subclass here.
- Kamaloka drop have been boosted to help new players!
- Convenient Control Panel:
*Block EXP
*Refuse Trades
*Protection against unwanted buffs from players
*Automatically turn shots on after login
*Hide shops for better loading

Shop Information:
- Armor, Weapons and Jewelry up to S-Grade.
- Shots and misc items needed for skills etc.
- Vote shop, to exchange vote tokens for goodies.
- Alternative farming shop, farm and exchange coins for extras goodies!
Buff Information:
Normal Buff Limit: 26(+4 with Divine Inspiration)
Dance/Song Limit: 14
Trigger Buff Limit: 12

Buffs will be 1 hour(premium 2 hours) in duration.


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