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Site Name:El Gamma Ragnarok Online
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Site URL:http://elgamma.ro-online.net
Date Signed Up:2016-11-27
Banner:El Gamma Ragnarok Online
Language:English SiteEnglish
Description:Fast rate server
Almost Free Pots (woe white/blue pots free), bottles 1k zeny, edp 5k, speed pots 1z, gems 600z, elunium 1k, oridecon 1k etc
BG Equips/Weapon 100z
Free Costumes
just Join to test our server
El Gamma Penumbra RO - Pre renewal 120/70
Max Aspd : 193
LK champion almost classic with ninja
NPC job changer reset skill warper healer buffer available
No Bias GM & Staff
*Donates will be compensated accordingly
High Rate Server
Base EXP: 1000x
Job EXP: 1000x
Boss/Equip Drop : 10%
Card drop rate : 100%
Boss card drop rate : Normal
MVP boss card : Disabled PVP/WOE
Godly item: Disabled
With NPC Normal Equips drop rate elunium adjusted for better chance of creating good equips
Freebies FAW
will have Guild Packages


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