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[*]Over 15+ bosses to fight on including Demonic Gorillas, Zulrah, Cerberus and Lizardman Shamans
[*]Amazing skilling including agility rooftop courses.
[*]15+ Settings to customize your OSRS gameplay!
[*]A handful of skills and four game modes you'll be able to grind and compete for on the hiscores!
[*]Farming with allotment, herbs and even flowers![U][SIZE=5][B]Media[/B][/SIZE][/U]
[*]Every slayer boss with their corresponding slayer tasks
[*]Great Economy
[*]Price Checker so you can always stay up to date!
[*]Barrows Mini-game
[*]Customizable fullscreen including transparency and resizable tab realignment!
[*]Over 25+ titles to choose from and over 5+ colors!
[*]Iron Man Mode
[*]Ultimate Iron Man Mode
[*]Perfect bank tabs
[*]Bank tab customization
[*]Bank searching so you can always find that item!
[*]IPB forums with many hooks!
[*]Ancient Gorilla boss!
[*]Collect tooth of keys and gold keys to use at chests and try your luck!
[*]Automatic donation, vote and instance highscores! (once you logout)
[*]Quick prayers fully functioning.
[*]Tweening + fog + gliding (optional)
[*]Barbarian assault minigame
[*]Fully functional shop exchange (like the trading post!)
[*]Prestige all skills and collect prestige points to spend on rewards!
[*]Compare and like/dislike players to see who is the most respected on the player leaderboards in-game!
[*]Never ask for a drop again with our in-game drop table finder! Search a npc or item and you found it!
[*]Automatic trivia to earn quick and fun points to use for rewards!
[*]Duel Arena with boxing
[*]Flawless pest control
[*]Abyssal Nexus Mini-game
[*]Pets and boss pets aswell!
[*]Over 75+ achievements so you'll never get bored!
[*]Mage Arena mini-game
[*]Max cape customization + max cape emote
[*]Achievement cape emote added
[*]Flawless switching
[*]Active and friendly community!
[*]Fountain of rune!
[*]Duo slayer tasks
[*]Boss slayer tasks + perf slayer helm and (i)
[*]Title manager and changer
[*]Customize your whip with 6+ dyes to chose from!
[*]And alot alot more!



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