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Date Signed Up:2016-08-27
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Description:Variety is an RSPS owned by the Youtuber Fewb and by the Guthix Network
Variety is a custom server that has been under heavy development and with the Guthix Network backing it you know it will be good. We are happy to announce our server has no dupes that plague every custom server.We also have a lot of well thought out

We also have a lot of well thought out content with great developers. If you ever wanted to play a custom server with ideas that actually make sense and created by people who actually make great RSPS then you are at the right place!

So don't look any further, We present to you: VarietyPS.


Here are our features, which will give you hours and hours of fun.
- 50+ Custom Zones
- 500+ Custom Items
- All Customs have stats!
- Rarity system [Colored Tiers of Rarity]
- Well thought out, the location for skilling areas, NPC's, bosses, and more!
- Auto Voting
- Auto Donating
- Professional Development
- IPB Forums
- .com Domain
- Daily Updates
- Zoom in/out function
- Working fullscreen function
- Community Input: The players ask, the players get!


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