Lineage 2 Lancer (Grand Crusade x50) ( Visit )

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Site Name:Lineage 2 Lancer (Grand Crusade x50)
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Date Signed Up:2016-08-09
Banner:Lineage 2 Lancer (Grand Crusade x50)
Language:English SiteEnglish
Description:Grand Crusared Client
EXP/SP Rate: x50
Max level: 110
Max skill enchant: +20
Max Soul Crystal level: 8
Max enchant items: +18
No quest needed to change class
No quest needed to enter at Epic Raids
All skills working
Working Brooches
Working New Macros
Working Auction House
Working Clan Rewards
Working Fishing System
Working Daily Missions
Working Mentor System
Working Beauty Shop
Working Big Epics: Antharas, Lindvior, Valakas, Helios, Anakim, Lilith, Kelbim.
Working Instances: Balok, Baylor, Spezion, Teredor, Freya, Istina, Octavis, Tauti, Trasken, Zaken, Mystic Tavern, Nornil's Garden, Command Post, Ashen Shadow Revolutionaries
Wedding System
Offline Trade
Offline Fishing
Simple Economy system
Auto clan level: 5 full skills
More than 17 types of automated events
Special events every weekend
Special Zone Quests
Special dimensional siege event every Saturday
Private Anti bot protection
Constant Updates
Highly-qualified staff
No custom items
No custom skills


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