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Date Signed Up:2016-05-13
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Description:Season-X Owners: Blake and Jay

Here at Season-X, we can guarantee you we a unique and appealing server, and it will keep you playing.
With two active and experienced developers in-game and on forums we make sure to keep your interest in Season-X.

Both Blake and I have decided to host a server again after being on break for quite some time but we promise you will not be let down by the development of Season-X.

We will be focused on continuously growing the community and keeping our players happy with updates and improvements. Season-X is 24/7 hosted and will always be around, come experience what we have to offer, and help grow our community.

We\'re a Server dedicated to our players, we have developed Season-X to have it all; well structured economy, separated spawn server , PvP , Tons of bosses to PvM, all skills, gambling, active and friendly mature staff whom are carefully chosen to help you in-game or on the forums.

If you\'re joining just to have fun you can choose to make a spawn account where you will be moved to the spawn only area (which you cannot escape!) and test your Pking abilities or if you want to have fun and strive to be the best you can join the rest of the community in the race to being #1 on the high-scores.

June 8th: Beta Released
- Thieving stalls now only give the item thieved and not coins.

- Grand Exchange now doesn\'t sell unlimited items for items exceeding 10gp

- Home is now moved to Varrock

- Added a market command

- Added a PvP Store under \"Oziach\" North West of Edge. Aka the Npc who sells rune plate-body\'s in rs

- Added a vote store

- Added shops around Varrock

- Edited drop rates, still needs some doing

- Added ape atoll teleport access to trapdoor and skeletons in the maze along with high level apes.

- Fixed the vote shop error regarding the b ring (i).

- Added more to the donor webpage (do ::donate).

-Removed Rasolo and the 30 minute timer for mystery boxes.

- Moved Recipe for disaster chest and teleport to Varrock.

- Wise Old Man now sells skill capes to Iron Men

- Added more Dungeon teleports

- Game Modes have been added into the game. They are as follows:

Lord - x500 XP rate
Knight - x100 XP rate
Legend - x25 XP rate
Extreme - x5 XP rate
Iron Man Mode has been introduced into the game.

Game modes also have different drop rates and other perks

I have edited the Quest Tab and Task Tab to start designing a new customized tab with a better look to it.

- Removed Altars from Edge, they have now been placed in there real locations ( I am currently working on the Lumbridge Sage to assist with a few things, that will come to light once it\\\'s complete, a few commands will be removed from game also)

- Added server wide timed messages

- Two developers who are constantly looking to improve Season-X - Old School Graphics
- 100% clan chat system with ranks, Coin/lootshare - Gambling Perfected
- Flawless PvP System - All Skills including Dung & Summoning - 12+ Bosses and more coming
- Perfected Economy - Grand Exchange - Loads of Content - 24/7 High Paid Host
- 24/7 Forums Season-X - Spawn and Eco Server Separated - Mini games; Soul wars, Castle wars etc
- Boss Pets - Bounty Targets - Lots to explore - Massive Donor Zone + Benefits - Working Clue Scrolls
-Xp modes - Max/Comp capes - Auto Donate System - Fast Growing Community
- Custom Items - Flexibility of Client - Auto Vote with rewards - Dungeoneering


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