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Date Signed Up:2016-03-31
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Noticeable Features
Account Recovery
when you set this system, it will make your account secured,when your account logs in on different ip it will ask you the recovery questions
mothers maiden name
and vacation
you only need to answer 1 to get access of your account too, reminder: It will only trigger if your account logs in on different IP

2. Ancient Throne
Who ever claim the throne will be set as the king and will have the priviledge to set tax out of the resource skilling all the players do
Woodcutting , Mining , Fishing and other
tax can be set from 1 upto 20%
its easy to claim the throne , you just need to head north of Wilderness and examine the throne for 60seconds.

3. Skilling Tournament[/B][/COLOR]

Anyone can participate on this.
you just need to create a tournerment by check the noticeboard @home
anyone can make a tournament , set skill, set reward and time duration
SLayer tournament
duration: 5minutes
reward: 10m coins
when the tournaments start , every one who skill slayer will be automatically joined the slayer tournament
on the duarition of 5minutes the player who reecieved the most amount of slayer exp will be the winner , and receive 10m if inventory is full it will be out automatically on bank

4. Anti AFk system
When skilling there will pop out a random question that you need to answer

5. damage dummy
There is a dummy @ home where when you hit ,it gives your a token.
you can use that token to buy @damage shop or Multiply your damage

6. Bounty Hunte
When you are in wilderness a new interface on top left will appear and give you a target who to kill and it will also show his how much wealth that player carries in wilderness.

7. Wealth System
It shows all your wealth on ; ; bank , ; ;players and when you ;;yell

8. Word Profanity
Some bad words is now prohibited in the game such as fuck, nigga , etc .
it will be automaticall repleaced by ***

9. Xpwell
Added an XPwell, this one have some twist not like the other xpwell.
On our Xpwell you can donate ingame items or gold when you reached the goal it will be automatically be double exp for a certain minute.
it also over rides double exp so when XPwell is active on DXP weekend it will be x4 + your donator xpboost.
other thing if you donate morethan the goal it will be automatically saved when the xpwell ends, the left on the over donation is still there.

A New client is made v1.1 it now saves your mac addresss, now our server have a mac ban command.

11.Post Trade
You can post your ads on trade on the noticeboard located at home

12. Loot tracker
Added loot tracker ingame, where it shows every monster you killed , what drops you get from monsters, you can also check other players loot track.

13. Added Skilling tournament highscores, you can now check whos leading on the Skilling tournament.

14. Added Damage Shop, please (give me suggestion on what to add on damage shop)


It's a new public released server everyone so don't be afraid to come check us out! We're a Eco server building a great community. The advertisement speaks big, but if you want to really feel it, come join in for an hour and see how you like it here, you won't regret it[/B]


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