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Category:Lineage 2 Private Servers
Site Name:L][Vottle A True Lineage Experience
Current Rank: 820 Yesterday: 378 Best: -
Site URL:http://www.l2vottle.ca/
Date Signed Up:2016-03-30
Banner:L][Vottle A True Lineage Experience
Language:English SiteEnglish
*Exp | Sp: 500x
*Adena: 500x

Enchant Rates
*Safe +3 | Max +16.
*Normal Succes: 65%
*Blessed Succes: 75% (Divine 100% enchant scroll at PvP and Donate Shop)
*Augment Success: 35%

Custom Commands

Custom Zones
*1 Easy farm
*1 Medium Farm
*1 PvP Farm
*Normal PvP Areas
*Auto-Flag PvP Area
*Raid Boss Tower! Can you take the challenge.
*Level Up Area
*Buffs: Up to 42 slots
*PvP Coin to be used at PvP Shop (access to same items as donate Shop

*Gm Shop.
*PvP Shop
*Donate Shop
*Vote Shop.
*Services Manager.
*Event Engine:TvT,DM,CTF,LMS,TW.
*Event Vote Manager: Vote for your Event.

Gamplay and Curency
*Adena, PvP Coin, Vote Coin, Donate Coin
*Special Vote Reward
*Clan Reputation Special Item
*GM Custom Event with great rewards.
*PvP Farm.
*Easy Farming (45 till Full)
*Grand Boss 24hour Spawns
*Raid Boss Tower
*PvP Ranking System and Titles
*No Lag.
*Frendly/Active Gms
*Exchange your PvP coins at the PvP shop
*Level 7 Attr Stones
*Skill Certification
*Sub Class level 85 (3 Max)
* Territory Wars (2 Flags Max Per clan To help with Balance)
Olympiad Work:
*Olympiad Duration: 6 Hourse
*Olympiad Fight Duration: 5Minutes.
*Olympiad Period Duration: 14Days.
*Olympiad Time Start: 18:00 GMT+0
*Olympiad Regist End: 23:00 GMT+0.
*Olympiad Max Enchant: +3
* Easy Farm- Adena and Attr Stones
* Medium Farm - Adena, Attr Stones and Blessed enchant scrolls
* PvP Farm- Higher Adena Drops, Blessed Scrolls, Attr Stones and attr Lv 7 Crystals
* Raid Tower - Adena, Attr Stones, Blessed scrolls, Attr Crystals and Divine Scrolls
* Premival Island Beach - Auto Flag PvP area
* Premival Forst - Auto Flag PvP Farm
* Tower of insolence - Raid Tower
* Helbound - Easy Farm
* Dragon Valley Cave - Medium Farm


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