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Date Signed Up:2016-03-18
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Description:Undecima is a new online browser multiplayer strategy game with innovating concepts and engaging gameplay where you compete with other players and get ready for the final battle to capture an Ultimate artifact and claim yourself a Victor.

Through the centuries, the World of Undecima was a beautiful and prosperous place where people lived united in peace and harmony. But due to a terrible cataclysm and thoughtless abuse of magic powers it was shattered into eleven planes thrown apart in the void and faintly connected by the same arcane magic that tore it apart…

Now it lies in ruins and ruled by cruel and merciless wizard… Is there still a hope for Undecima or everything is lost forever? What will it be the steel of Might, the power of Magic, the spirit of Nature, or the light of Faith…

Build your town and lead your brave troops to capture the Crown of Ultimate Power, claim yourself the true Ruler of the World of Undecima, and bring it to its previous glory.

Undecima Wants You!


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