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Date Signed Up:2016-03-17
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Description:Small brief about the server:
No custom weapons/armors or skills inside.
1 Custom Island (Island of souls from kamael. We didn\'t want to mess with the rest towns)

We tried to keep it as simple as possible.
Many things are very close to retail.
Unchanged drops/shops/skills/quests

Gameplay details:

Custom Areas (On the island):
- New Main Town (Town Of Heroes)
- Farming Zones for adena and seal stones (Solo Areas)
- Cave of Heroes Raiding for S grade weapons, Enchant armor scrolls A & S grade (Solo/Party Area)

Sub Class and Nobless System:
- Do the quest

- Safe +3
- Max +25
- Enchant rates are retail

Server Features:
- PK Guards
- Global Gatekeeper (some locations are not included. Such as valakas lair/TOI8-13 etc.)
- NPC Buffer (with very low level prophet buffs and few songs and dances)
- NPC Buffer in all towns.
- 1 Hour buffs (except some 3rd class buffs which are retail. COV/POF etc.)
- Class Manager.
- Mammons permanantely spawned in Town Of Heroes.
- Tattoos give pdef and Cloacks give mdef (not sold in shops)

Custom Shops:
- Weapon Shop (till A grade with no SA)
- Armor Shop (till S grade sealed)
- Jewls Shop (till S grade sealed. No boss jewls)
- Misc Shop (consumables, pots, ss/bss etc)

Olympiad & Heroes
- Olympiad is from 20:00 to 02:00 GMT+3 everyday.
- olympiad period lasts 1 month.

- Custom TVT Event every 2 hours.
*NPC will spawn in Town Of Heroes.
- Coliseum Arena.

- Server do have donate. The machine won\'t pay the bills by itself.
- Donate is not obligatory
- Donators won\'t have any priviledges over non donators.
- Donation rewards are very limited to keep the game balanced and to avoid \"super\" players.
- AIO Buffers [with specific names(e.x. AIOBUFFER_1) with no healing skills and very low stats.They are practicaly only for buffs, nothing more.Can\'t enter olympiad either.]

- GM\'s are not interfering with the game in any way.
- Occasionally we will give some rewards in TvT events or during holidays.
- Active in forums to solve any ingame problems.
- There are only two admins in our community(teka,sl1m) that won\'t ask anything from you.(be alarmed for account thieves)

Our server runs on a Dedicated Server with:
- AMD Opteron
- 16GB DDR3
- 2x250GB SSD
- 1Gbit/s Connection


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