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We are happy, that your reading this. We have some exciting news for you. Our team offers you a new and amazing project, which includes several interesting worlds, some are known and some are unexplored. The main feature of what we offer - a system of \"transition\", which will allow you to make a long-held dream of players Lineage II - to find a future in this exciting game. Fascinating worlds and non-standard ideas will allow you to take a fresh look at familiar foundations of the game, which you know so well. Interested? Then come in, maybe it\'s exactly what you\'re looking for..

Ok, Who are you?
- We are a small, yet growing international server community, that has some strange & interesting ideas about how should Lineage 2 evolve

Why do you do it?
- Fun, passion.. i guess. We are not a commercial project. We dont have fancy addons like wings\Other chronicle weapons etc.. We believe that Lineage 2 players love this game because of the drive and thrill that is delivered to every one, so we made a move and chopped down everything to \"Retail Like\" and decided to make some interesting quests.

What is this Server then?
- This is an Twin-type Lineage II platform.

What\'s a \"Twin-type?\"
- It means that when you succeeded in developing you character\clan\alliance on the Primary (Public) Server - a certain Quest\NPC will give you a way to move on. The next step will be the Extended (Invite only) Server with a custom game style.

Custom style?
- Yes. The interface of the client will remain the same, but the game mechanics will differ from the first one.

Is there any more information about this?
- No. The STAFF can only give information about the Primary (Public) Server at this time, untill the Transfer quest is completed, at that moment the second server will be ready and working.

Will it survive if i join? :D
- We are not planing to make an enormous online. But we will be happy to see if players will be intrested in our ideas. The point of this project is to find or create an interesting community, that will be able to help us evolve Lineage 2. For how long this will go on? i hope as long as possible.

Our coordinates:

Web - http://l2dimension.com/
Forum - http://l2dimension.com/forum

P.S. We have floating rates.


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