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Armored Gaming unlike other private servers focuses on creating a community that engages people
and allows you to have a better gaming experience.
Armored Gaming offers the following features that other private servers DO NOT!

1- TeamSpeak Channel for a better interaction with players!
2- Active Staff Members most of the time to make sure the server is running smoothly and no issues occur.
3- Constant events that engages all players such as Multi-Pking Tournaments between clans, 1v1-Pking Tournaments,
Hide & Seek and much much more with REWARDS to the winners.
4- Suggestions are taken into consideration & communications with Staff Members are much easier due to our TeamSpeak Channel.
5- Most items are valued 0gp if you try selling to the store that way it forces players to engage in trading and money making.
6- Constant Event planning and rewards given out to winners!
7- Constant updates and new ideas being developed!

Armored Gaming is built for the players and their wants, Unlike other private servers Armored Gaming has a Staff Team that is
working hard to make sure players have a fun, exciting gaming experience, We listen to you!

Join Now for a chance to receive Rare Items and Staff Positions.


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