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Description: // Hello and welcome to my PerfectionX online project, I present to you the quickest oldschool Spawn/Pk server where all your banks and gears are already set for you! Please guys keep it peaceful. If you are an old player from PerfectionX please note that we fully reworked our combat system!] Right, lets begin with why you should join PerfectionX? Yes PerfectionX is Spawn/Pk based so to whom ever likes to Pk instantly then this is the server for you! But wait.. you want an Eco? and maybe some PVM? No worries we\'ve got both! We\'ve based our Eco of PK points, Yes you can exchange and purchase Pk points. You can gain Pk points in numerous ways. You can either Pk for them, PvB (Player Vs bosses) for them or you can just slayer PVM Which gives you the rewards of Pk points depending on how hard the task is. We have enbeded tons of features to both server and client. this features include. Our own bounty hunter system! Player Attack & Follow clipping Most Exploits fixed Cheat Client Patched Clan chats 100% Mage bank + Near by areas features coded. 100% Switching System Vote point shop & Pk Point shop Pk Exchange System Ready Banks! Ready Gears!24/7 Online time! Quest tab - Spawn tab Player Titles Correct food & Pot delay PKP System Perfect slayer system with rewards - Tab to reply to private messages - 100% customizeable titles - New items in-game that some of you have been asking for or wondering about - A completely reworked login UI design - Fixes for some of the client-sided bugs you may have experienced, such as having to restart client after X amount of login attempts. - An item finder built into the client so you can look up items on the client (it connects to - A price checker so you know what the prices are at ALL times, according to players. - A built in screenshot tool that works flawlessly and smoothly while you play. Bossing enabled D-L Client -


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