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Site Name:Eustaria [317]
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Date Signed Up:2015-12-13
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Language:English SiteEnglish
Description:Duel arena with antiscam preset weapon rules option
Perfect jad mechanics and single wave tzhaar caves
Custom skilling minigame for skilling tool rewards
Choose EXP rate (Effects droprates and rewards)
Flawless curses and prayers on NPC & Player
Custom Co-Op and solo bossing minigame
Drop party room with weekly drop events
Customize completitionist and max capes
Website highscores for each EXP rate
Single and multiplayer Pest Control

Mage arena minigame with rewards
Flawless NPC/Player clipping
Kingdom manager minigame
Anti scam dicing & blackjack
Perfect Grand exchange
Buy and sell X amount
Fun pk area
Loyalty titles
Bank pins

Nex set hp boosts
jewelry enchanting
Multiscene tutorial
Puzzle box minigame
Display name changing
Weekly lottery with big pot
Player vs player dice dueling
Perfect barrows set formulas
Supporter cape heals 2x faster
Online/offline PvP Scoreboard

Fun pk area
Skill quickchats
Pest control XP training
Full slayer helmet crafting
Perfect poison and combat formulas

Custom fishing spots
Buy and sell X amount
Extreme & overload herblore
Mage arena minigame with rewards
Full runescape herblore farming with timers
Agility with 2 cources and antispam obsticles
Abyssal rift runecrafting with perfect rs multiplier
Full fletching with bolts, arrows, bows and strings
Automatic double xp weekend every 4rd week of month
Automatic double pkp weekend every 3rd week of month
Automatic double drop weekend every 2rd week of month
Automatic double donor points weekend every 1rd week of month


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