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Looking for a fun, interactive server, coded by experts? Then look no further!

Legends of Turmoil prides itself on having a stable economy, seamless PKing and a bug-free environment!

We employ the finest staff members that will be online \'round the clock to assist you with any questions or queries you may have!

What we offer:

- 100% fully working grand exchange system!
- professionally coded content
- Ironman + many other modes
- auto donation system
- Gambling (dicing, flower game)
- Titles
- 100% duel arena
- Insane Pking!
- full minigames such as pest control
- Custom Zombie minigame
- Boss pets
- Boss kill counter
- 100+ achievements
- custom teleport system
- tons of training zones
- lots of bosses to conquer
- active forums
- A wishing well, that once filled will grant huge amounts of exp to everyone on the server!
- Active, experienced and helpful staff!
- TORVA, VIRTUS, PERNIX and many more flawless items for you to quest towards!
- Custom bosses and monsters for you and your friends to slay!
- Our very own custom quests!
- Unique voting rewards!

This is just a taste of what we offer at Legends of Turmoil, come experience it for yourself!


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